In Israel, new insights on the science of medical Marijuana

A great piece in the NYT by Isabel Kershner on Tikkun Olam, a commercial medical marijuana plantation in Israel. The name is "a reference to the Jewish concept of repairing or healing the world," and while marijuana is illegal in this country, some of the most interesting scientific research into its healing properties is happening here. The last graf is the most amazing. (Thanks, Stoningham!)


  1. “The strain known as Eran Almog, which has the highest concentration of THC, is recommended for severe pain. Avidekel, a strain rich in CBD and with hardly any psychoactive ingredient, allows patients to benefit from the drug while being able to drive and to function at work.”

    THC DUI? not actually possible…. you are just a crappy driver, sorry

    1. “THC DUI? not actually possible”

      Stoner myths are the enemy of legalization nationwide. Stop with this pathetic lie if you ever want to be taken seriously.

      1.  lets go to israel and see if they are lying, its not like anybody is taking them serious…. its still a wide open world for the weed game. a high thc-v/cbd cannabinoid profile may very well take away your high – thus allowing you operate heavy machinery. its completely possible, and nobody really knows… yet

        1. It may be possible to derive a form of THC that would not provide for DUIs, but your bullshit claim that it is currently “impossible” to be DUI on THC is irresponsible and just plain stupid. Stop lying, again.

    2. Please post your paper in which you show your research. I’m sure that it will be well documented.

    3. It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, it is, by definition, impossible  to have THC in your system and drive whilst not under the influence. Just because the majority of drivers are genuinely terrible, doesn’t give you the ability to void this fact. Congratulations, you’re a better driver than Great Aunt Betty, even whilst stoned – your still DUI.

      For me, driving high is actually somewhat beneficial. I indicate at every moment rationally possible (more often than normal) and have little to no road rage. I am more willing to put up with the, lets say interesting driving going on around me (from all those fuckers who honestly shouldn’t be behind the wheel, even sober) and generally just enjoy it a lot more. Just be overly cautious whilst reversing and you’re golden. I’ve had hundreds of “driving cones” and they are great. Even bonged behind the wheel (which is totally stupid, but totally awesome).

      You’re kind of thinking is dangerous, I’ve driven on a few different substances thinking similarly arrogantly and it’s not until something goes wrong do you realise the magnitude of stupidity you are undertaking.  Once whilst shrooming, an uncountable quantity of possums appeared in front of me. Nearly wrote myself/my car off.You don’t want to become a statistic, and if you want that permanently burnt into your brain go and look at some car crash fatality scenes.

      1.  yes by definition, dont drive after having to much nutmeg. but thresh hold limit for individual thc blood content%? that might vary by person. i will test with higher thc after one week sober than someone who took one hit 24 hours ago. i would probably test higher than them while they are high if i worked out for an hour.

        i would argue your kind of thinking is most dangerous. i under no circumstances will ever equate one substance with another. saying and thinking ‘well i drive high so i can do it on shrooms’ has never come across my mind.

        teaching people how to actually god damn drive and having real standards for driving tests that actually mean something would put the insurance companies out of business. our slow speed limits might actually help the extra wasted.

  2. Shame on those crazy Israelis trying to inject science into marijuana. We Americans have a useless, expensive department called the DEA to tell us “Its illegal therefore it must be bad, it’s bad therefore illegal”.

  3. it is funny to listen to all those in the known while knowing all the talks are about money, next all will talk about how good it is to go to a casino and have a relaxing effect while driving to it, there is no rapport or science telling me that thc is bad or good, all are base on assumption that everything is bad untill proven good,wich is base on another assumption about your believe beeing better good than the one asumming it is bad if you do not agree with it(like if you are not with us you are against us) , is really any one believing all is black or white? tell me while all admit killing people is wrong still most of them will kill? if life was easy and not so cheaty i will not have to tell you that all you deeds are YOUR choice and not a fucking law telling you that is not legal,have a good time arguing nothing will change untill we all do,,,,
    greetings from The Netherlands where pod is not legal and selling weapon is ( to other countrys).lol….just get on with it, this world is full of cheat,  and welcome to hell brothers i was high ,good stuff

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