Mastaba Snoopy: Choose-your-own-adventure based on a horrific alien intelligence that loves Peanuts


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  1. voiceinthedistance says:

    It’s a terrific (and frightening) premise, but they chose a truly annoying way of presenting it on their website.  Also, a little bit of my enthusiasm for it died when I read this sentence:  “1. An Unknown Alien Being acquires a child’s forgotten book and mistakenly beliefs (sic) that it depicts proper protocol for interaction with the human world.”  
    Are my standards too high?

    • Halloween_Jack says:

       It’s a completely irrelevant and derivative set-up, previously done both as a Star Trek episode (“A Piece of the Action”) and a parody of Star Trek (Galaxy Quest). Presenting the thing as-is, without the exposition, would be much funnier.

  2. Petzl says:

    uh, every time you die you have to click-thru the same 30 introductory clicks?  you can’t restart without the intro?

  3. Felton / Moderator says:

    Oh my god, what’s that horrible thing bursting out of Snoopy’s chest!?!?

  4. DevinC says:

    Wah waa, bwahh bah bah, baah buh banh buh.

  5. bazzargh says:

    The character encodings are a bit screwed up, dropbox is serving this as ascii when the doc says it wants to be UTF-8. Save it locally and open it, it’ll work. Once you do this, some of the streams of random characters make more sense – they’re mostly GOOD GRIEF rendered with random symbols, though the ACQUIRE NICKELS page has some vertical text which only renders correctly for me in Chrome.

    There’s one ending (you’ll know it if you see it) featuring a lot of red that looks like it’s supposed to be Ascii art, but it just looks like junk to me.

  6. signsofrain says:

    Are bad text adventures the next ‘cool’ thing? Found that unintelligible. If I wanted to play a game full of nonsense and ultimately meaningless choices I’d replay The Stanley Parable. At least there’s a pleasant narrator to listen to!

    • FoolishOwl says:

      There wasn’t much nonsense in The Stanley Parable, and the choices were meaningless, but in a different sense of meaningless. It was a commentary on computer game narratives.

  7. FoolishOwl says:

    I hate to say this, but it seems a lot like meaningless weirdness. I think I found a “victory” page — at least “THE END” is followed by something like an author’s signature.

  8. jackbird says:

    Want to be steered to the good IF (or at least read insightful reviews of IF both good and bad)?  Read Emily Short’s blog:  She also handles IF reviews for Play This Thing, although that’s more or less defunct now.

  9. slida says:

    This seemed pretty interesting, but it didn’t work right.

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