Photos of strangers who look like each other


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  1. Joe Gilbert says:

    I wonder what a DNA comparison would yield?

  2. Tim Warris says:

    The resemblances are staggering.  Could easily pass for identical twins in most cases.  The homo-erotic posing of the subjects is a bit, odd.

    • mindysan33 says:

      Oh, good.  It’s not just me that thought that some of these pics look like they are about to start making out…  

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

      The cradling of the other guy’s head seems a little suspicious.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      The homo-erotic posing of the subjects is a bit, odd.

      That’s a very Northern European view of things.  In India, Nepal, Egypt, etc, I’ve had (straight) men whom I hadn’t known for more than an hour or two sitting in my lap.  Literally.

      • millie fink says:

        Thanks for pointing that out. The immediate suspicion of homosexuality at the mere sight of nearly any same-gendered contact is indeed a very Western thing. A sad thing as well.

      • As a gay Greek, don’t you dare hold hands with another man at night in urban centers, unless you want to get beaten by the Golden Dawn.

  3. Scary? A few years back I was unpacking a kodak zi8 camera and found a guy on the other side of the atlantic had done the same. This photo is me (on the left) and random dude with my face (and zi8) on the right. Or vice versa. Link :

  4. macegr says:

    Photos of strangers wearing the same shirt.

  5. Andreas Ergenzinger says:

    Looks like someone has prosopagnosia and it isn’t me.

    • Chrs says:

      It’s fascinating how closely they resemble each other in a lot ways but manage to be easily distinguishable.  I’d bet facial recognition software doesn’t have much of a problem with them. It’s very different from what you see with similar-looking related people.

  6. Megan Wills says:

    i think they look way more similar when they aren’t smiling, the smiles make them unique….

  7. DeWynken says:

    There can be only one!

  8. Paul Renault says:

    Maybe for most of ‘em the resemblance is more striking in person, but for the fifteen samples at the link, I’d only qualify two of ‘em as look-alikes/twins.

    Shapes of eyebrows, noses, facial musculature – so their smiles, wrinkes, and creases are different.  For most, to me there are clear and obvious differences.  I’m a twin (and more importantly, I’m NOT Oliver Sacks), so I do look for and notice the differences.

    It was a little surprising to see actor Rémi Girard, of the truly outstanding and surreal TV show La Petite Vie, in the samples.

  9. MandoZink says:

    I was hoping for better matches. Years ago I spotted an old friend of mine several times from across the street during my lunch hour. I was surprised to see him there, but did not catch him to reminisce. Then one day he came walking right down the street. “Marty” I said. “Great to see you!”. He grinned as I began to talk. He continued to grin as I began to realize something was not right. Then he told me.
    He wasn’t Marty, but he knew who Marty was. He had met Marty about a year earlier when he was startled to see himself approaching on the street. The two of them had stopped, talked and discovered they had both been meeting confused strangers for years. They were both stunned because there was no physical difference – none at all. I realized he wasn’t Marty, but he was absolutely identical. This guy was still in awe of having met his exact double and got a chuckle out of meeting Marty’s friends every now and then.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I probably shouldn’t admit this, but my mother’s first cousin and my father looked like identical twins.

  10. Chris Hogan says:

    “You fool Brunelle! Thanks to your meddling these doppelgangers, who might have lived peaceful and productive lives, will now fight to the death to assert their own uniqueness. What fresh hell have you wrought?!”

  11. TheMudshark says:

    What´s the big deal? White people all look alike.

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