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10 Responses to “A video featuring "Vomiting Larry"”


  2. carlogesualdodivenosa says:

    My home town.  I am so proud.

  3. Grant Hatton says:

    You can’t really dust for vomit.

  4. Would sir like a waffer-thin mint?

  5. bcsizemo says:

    Maybe the fact the video is slowed down makes it appear as there is more vomit than what I’d expect, but damn it looks like Larry is a competition eater.

    • mrtut says:

      One thing I had to experience first-hand over the last few days:

      Half an orange and a single slice of toast are enough to generate about a pint of projectile vomit. 

      Even if you were forced to empty your stomach just a couple of hours earlier, and did not have a glass of water in between. This happens as your bowels draw fluids from your body to help in (in-)digestion. 

      Besides, lots of air can be part of the mix, making the situation even more explosive…

  6. cjporkchop says:

    Larry doesn’t bend over a bucket to do his vomiting. He stands perfectly upright, unwilling to bow before god, man or toilet.

    • mrtut says:

      The first blast comes faster than Larry can think. Instantly, two-thirds of his field of vision are filled with vomit.

      At the second blast Larry will bend down. That is no voluntary action.

      From blast three onwards, Larry is covered in cold sweat and has full-body goosebumps. He may now consciously reflect on his animal state.

      After blast four there’s nothing more to pump out, yet the spasm continues…

  7. jrlogue says:

    They should have named it “Ralph.”