What did you do last night? Because Anthony Bourdain live-tweeted iCarly.

Anthony Bourdain has some hard-hitting questions about the characters on Nickelodeon's tween favorite iCarly, and he asked them on Twitter last night. Among his inquiries: "Does Spencer have a job? Besides hanging out with underage girls?" and "[W]hat's Marvin Marvin's story?" Perfectly valid things for a renowned traveler/chef/middle-aged man to wonder in front of an audience of millions. I think he should consider live-tweeting an entire day of programming on The Hub, but that's just me. (via Warming Glow)


  1. Netflix recommended iCarly based on my search for “Goodfellas.” Maybe she’s more gangsta than I’ve been assuming.

    1.  Or he could have been baked. And no I’m not trying to disrespect him. Bourdain is awesome.

    2. I concur.  iCarly is on immediately after Spongebob, a pre-schooler favorite at my house and probably Bourdain’s.

  2. The man is seriously one of my heroes, he just has a quality about him that is uniquely original. Not the parts of it, but the sum of it, his experiences, attitude, and just his philosophy.

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