What did you do last night? Because Anthony Bourdain live-tweeted iCarly.


10 Responses to “What did you do last night? Because Anthony Bourdain live-tweeted iCarly.”

  1. Lothario Escobar says:

    Netflix recommended iCarly based on my search for “Goodfellas.” Maybe she’s more gangsta than I’ve been assuming.

  2. Jim says:

    I suspect Mr. Bourdain was spending time with his daughter.

  3. Michael A says:

    Spencer has a job, iirc: he’s a professional sculptor. 

  4. giantasterisk says:

    I’ve suddenly forgotten why I don’t tweet.

  5. giantasterisk says:

    Commenting is a bit squirrelly today.

  6. The man is seriously one of my heroes, he just has a quality about him that is uniquely original. Not the parts of it, but the sum of it, his experiences, attitude, and just his philosophy.

  7. please dear gods let him live -tweet some Ponies.

  8. kirkfontenot says:

    It bothered me that he referred to the girls on the show as “little bitches.” 

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