Medicalert bracelets can apparently be had with any arbitrary string for about $50. This gag-gift from an anonymous redditor is a rather funny choice.

A medic-alert bracelet like this might be sensible. (



    if dead
    do shell script "rm -r ~/Library/Caches/Safari  ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist ~/Library/Safari/Downloads.plist   ~/Library/Safari/History.plist ; 
    defaults delete RecentSearchStrings"

  2. t’hell with that…   i (hereby) demand that my harddrive (or solidstate-drive if i live long enough) goes into the crematorium with me.

  3. isn’t that why the porn buddy were invented?

    from urban dictionary.
    An intricant pledge system in which a bond is formed between two porn loving individuals. If one should die, the other will immediatly remove all pornography from their house before the parents can find it (keeping at their own discresion). Eric’s parents were uninformed of their son’s permiscious activities thanks to the porn buddy system.

    i think it’s from the bbc comedy coupling.

    1. Hey, if I’m dead then I’m dead, I don’t think embarrassment is likely without a conscious mind.

      I say do the opposite, have some fun with the living – give them some anecdotes about that time they stumbled across Uncle Earthling’s monumental Readers Wives shrine.

  4. It’s funny and I want one… But… If you are really really worried about this then simply encrypt your data. I don’t know about Windows or OS X but in Ubuntu Linux is as east as tick a checkbox. Your data will die with your brain (make sure you don’t keep your password on post-it note on your bedroom wall)

    1. The irony!

      Cares enough about privacy to get a medi-bracelet to remove browser history, by definition must leave computer unsecured to allow the finder access.

  5. Obviously photoshopped but funny none the less. Does anyone know if they would *actually* issue that on a real bracelet?

    1. I don’t think there’s any legal qualification to engrave a silver plate. Can’t you just buy these bracelets anywhere? It’s not like a disabled drivers badge – you don’t have to earn it.

  6. Sigh.  As someone who wears a Real Medic Alert necklace and has been since the age of 8 (real site is here ) I say don’t fuck with EMS folks with bullshit like this.

    Not to be a grump downer, but I don’t want to see a bunch of “false positives” dilute the importance of these little pieces of metal, which have saved lives. 

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