How to escape jail in France: destroy ceiling with table leg

Prisoners in France used a table leg in part of a not-so-elaborate plan to escape Colmar, a 14th century penitentiary originally used as a convent. [Reuters]


  1. It’s kinda dumb though. Just making things worse and themselves more easily convictable. They’re already charged with vandalism. It’s not as if they’re not going to be recaptured. One can only hope that the brief extra free time they’ve wangled will be put to good and productive use.

    1.  Yeah, try getting a job and starting a career while a fugitive after a prison break. 

      I find it amazing how people destroy their future over a few hundred bucks or a few days in jail. 

      1. Yeah, try getting a job and starting a career while a fugitive after a prison break.

        Well according to the Daily Mail, they can just come to the UK and be given a multimillion dollar house in central London for life, plus money for hookers and blow.

        1.  How much money for hookers and blow?  Because they are more expensive than you might think. 

  2. Colmar is a town near the French border with Germany.  The prisoners escaped from the prison in Colmar.

  3. This highlights the disgusting, inhumane state of the French prison system. These places are regularly called the shame of the Republic : they’re overcrowded, unsanitary and falling apart.

    Here are some pictures (taken in ’06) of the isolation cell (“mitard”) in a Parisian prison : I wouldn’t lock up a dog in there, much less a human being.

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