Voltronoid Mickey Mouse & friends transforming robot toy

Bandai has released the Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends, a voltronoid multi-robot toy made from classic Disney characters. It's about $132 plus shipping from Japan:

7 little robots combine to make one big one! The 7 little bots are:

* Mickey Mouse (Jet Mickey)
* Minnie Mouse (Sky Minnie)
* Donald Duck (Diver Donald)
* Daisy Duck (Aqua Daisy)
* Goofy (Land Goofy)
* Pluto and Doghouse (Dash Pluto and Doghouse)
* Steamboat Willie (Ace Willie)

Stands 22cm tall in combined King Robo Mickey form! Made of diecast metal, ABS plastic, and PVC vinyl.


Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends by Bandai (Thanks, Erik Krogh!)