Calvin and Hobbes as an Atari ST game

Johan Vinet made this inspired login-screen for a notional, never-was 16-bit Calvin and Hobbes game. (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


      1. Does anyone else cringe every time they see one of the bastardized Calvin automobile stickers peeing on something?

        Sometimes I think Waterson may have been better served by actually doing a bit of official merchandising just so he could come down hard on the rip-offs.

        1. Is there any reason why he can’t still go after the rip-offs?

          I cringe both because I know they weren’t approved by Waterson and also because I think they’re made and purchased by people whose IQs are too low to read Calvin & Hobbes, let alone appreciate it.

        2. He (and/or the syndicate) can go after the rip-offs, and in a few cases they have. For the most part, though, they’re made by basement businesses that are too small and transient to effectively sue. Being licensed wouldn’t change that. Jim Davis probably won’t bother suing you either, if you want to knock off a few “Garfield pooping” decals, and he’s licensed up the wazoo.

          It’s worth saying that Watterson is not Alan Moore, who gets up every morning just so he can rage and froth about how nobody, including his fans, properly understands or respects his creations. Nor is he J.D. Salinger, who clearly took a lot of pleasure in being the world’s most easily discovered recluse, and who lovingly custom-tailored each “go to hell and be your own author, goddammit” letter he sent to the many teenage Holdens who wrote him about sequels or adaptations. He’s just a guy who decided not to make  a million Calvin plush dolls his personal legacy with respect to this strip.

          Watterson is on record as being annoyed by the peeing Calvins (who wouldn’t be?), but I sort of doubt he spends much time thinking about it. It’s not costing him money, and if he were that easily swayed by what other people did, he’d never have retired in the first place.

    1. This game would really need to be made in 3D to get the full enjoyment out of the Spaceman Spiff flying saucer missions.  (And the downhill carting, and the fucked-up snowman parades.)

      1. Even harder to understand because the rules would constantly change rom dozens of permeutations.

  1. My favorite non-existent video game, except for Calvin and Hobbes:

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