Circuit Playground plushies from Adafruit


8 Responses to “Circuit Playground plushies from Adafruit”

  1. nixiebunny says:

    WANT!!! For couch throw pillows.

  2. I want a plush 555 Timer, dammit…

  3. Shari says:

    So when will the board blanket come out?

  4. greggman says:

    I liked these ones I saw at the Tokyo Maker Fair. They actually work in the giant breadboard.

  5. taghag says:

    wow, these are very cool.   i like the little story that goes with each one, incorporating both the properties and the history of the component!

    they’re a great price, too, which brings me to my more serious question: are they manufactured at a nice place to work?

    • Hi,

      Good question and we are glad you asked. We needed to order a lot to get good pricing and still have great quality. We know we will always be held to a very high standard, so we spend more time and money to do things the best way possible.

      We made sure the factories/partners undergo various 3rd party international recognized audits, these audits are comprehensive – The ICTI International Council of Toy Industries audit list for example has the following:

      1. Information about the Company
      2. Working Hours
      3. Wages and Compensation
      4. Underage Labor
      5a. Forced Labor
      5b. Prison Labor
      6 Disciplinary Practices
      7. Discrimination
      8. Employee Representation
      9. Facilities
      10. Fire Protection
      11a. General Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
      11b. Health and Safety
      11c. Environmental
      12a. Welfare – Dormitories
      12b. Welfare – Canteen/Cafeteria Services
      12c. Welfare – Medical Services

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