Circuit Playground plushies from Adafruit

Last month, I brought you the delightful news that Adafruit was launching a kids' puppet show about electronics called Circuit Playground. Now Adafruit has begun to offer plushie toys based on the characters from the show, including Cappy the Capacitor Hans the 555 Timer Chip, Mho the Resistor, Connie the Transistor, Ruby the Red LED and Gus The Green LED.

These are electronic component plushies – The Circuit Playground plushies are here!


  1. wow, these are very cool.   i like the little story that goes with each one, incorporating both the properties and the history of the component!

    they’re a great price, too, which brings me to my more serious question: are they manufactured at a nice place to work?

    1. Hi,

      Good question and we are glad you asked. We needed to order a lot to get good pricing and still have great quality. We know we will always be held to a very high standard, so we spend more time and money to do things the best way possible.

      We made sure the factories/partners undergo various 3rd party international recognized audits, these audits are comprehensive – The ICTI International Council of Toy Industries audit list for example has the following:

      1. Information about the Company
      2. Working Hours
      3. Wages and Compensation
      4. Underage Labor
      5a. Forced Labor
      5b. Prison Labor
      6 Disciplinary Practices
      7. Discrimination
      8. Employee Representation
      9. Facilities
      10. Fire Protection
      11a. General Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
      11b. Health and Safety
      11c. Environmental
      12a. Welfare – Dormitories
      12b. Welfare – Canteen/Cafeteria Services
      12c. Welfare – Medical Services

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