LulzBot, a "libre hardware" 3D printer


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  1. kongorilla says:

    Thank you LulzBot for being an ongoing sponsor of Slic3r (the software many of us use to prepare our models for printing). My impression is that not enough of the reprap hardware vendors are contributing to the software side of things. Now that there are a number of quality machine designs, software is where the next leap forward could be made.

  2. icepick method says:

    I wish he’d just sell the designs so i could cut the proper brackets on my cnc and use off the shelf t-slot.

  3. macegr says:

    I’m sure the first thing a real marketing team would change about this company is the name. I don’t want to buy a $1,725 3D printer from 4chan.

  4. Dick Pilz says:

    If 1725 seems a bit much, go to the original source  of the design and software here:

    Then build it yourself for about a third of the cost

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