Two Americans arrested in international narwhal smuggling ring

Okay, which of you all just got busted for smuggling narwhal tusks? Fess up. It was either one of you, somebody from Reddit, or both, right?

Image: N is for narwhal - finished, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from notahipster's photostream


      1.  If overfishing were the only threat to their survival you’d have a point. Their small range, preferred diet and habitat and other factors put them in a very precarious position. They will very likely be listed as threatened in the next few years.

        1. Yes, they are covered by CITES, so they are considered to be “endangered species” in legal terms, at least.

  1. How could a ring of teeth not involve a series of tubes? Sure you could open an airport bar with a narwhal theme and try to grow them from seed tissue, occasionally making toothpaste ads (is freezing saltwater brine making your teeth…sparkly purple? Well, we have the thing) but there’s no guaranteeing you make luxist regularly. FWIW: So, the USA has them on the Endangered list, just yet, and that’s why the trade was a crime.

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