Forties weekend on the Vintage Ads group


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  1. DisGuest says:

    Donald Trump has seen that eternol ad, no doubt. Between the combing forward and all around, coupled with the tinting, it had to have been an inspiration.

  2. robcat2075 says:

    It’s like her hair has shoulder pads.

  3. Eric Riley says:

    I’m feeling shades of Blade Runner in Eternol.

  4. bobtato says:

    Am I the only person visualising the horrible accidents that resulted from earlier, unsafe models of ice cream cone?

  5. welcomeabored says:

    ‘Let your pet beauty operator show you the wonders of ETERNOL.’

    Pet?  It’s been observed with some jealous regard among the family’s Schnauzer owners, that our dogs are delivered to the groomers, get a haircut, shampoo and conditioner, blowout, nails trimmed, butt and snatch hair trimmed, anal glands expressed, ear hair plucked, and  nice new bandanas tied around their necks — all for about $40, plus tip.

    Whereas, when I deliver myself to my hair dresser every six weeks, she’s usually running about a half hour late.  When it’s finally my turn, she gives the hair-covered chair a rudimentary cleaning, encases me in the still warm smock from the last customer, foils my hair, scoots me off to process while she does someone else’s hair, shampoos and conditions, and cuts my hair — all for $100, plus tip. 

    The balance of power between customer and ‘pet beauty operator’ has shifted considerably in the last seventy years, although my ‘pet’ does like biscuits… in the form of crispy twenty dollar bills.

    • Preston Sturges says:

       Can I have your dog groomers phone #?

      • welcomeabored says:

        Heeheehee…I’ve been waiting to see who would bite, Preston.  The Dog Parlour in Fort Collins, ask for ‘Amy’.  Please don’t mention me.  A good ‘pet beauty operator’ is hard to find.

  6. Ben Rangel says:

    I’d like to point out the the two men appear to be looking at each other, not the ice cream.

  7. My first-look reaction to the Safe-T Cones ad was that it had something to do with preventing venereal disease.

  8. Roberto Tyley says:

    “You know that Ice Cream is one of the finest treats money can buy – just another of the good old U.S.A.’s gifts to a troubled world …”

    Love that casual disregard for… you know… history…

  9. chellberty says:

    Whoa censors need to do a better job.

  10. Clemoh says:

    It’s been pointed out, but for the lazy, here’s a picture of Sean Young in Bladerunner looking very much like the Eternol model.

  11. Brooke Lunderville says:

    Your makeup begins with your hair.  Specifically, your makeup is shot out of this hair cannon at high speed.

  12. Robert says:

    I just can’t get past the disembodied heads.

  13. Art says:

    These works are the high water mark in the field of commercial illustration.  A style and technique that has never since been duplicated.  Sure, it’s been heavily imitated as a kind of tongue in cheek-retro thing. But the quality and attitude of this artistry, as the original era, will never be seen again.

  14. sam1148 says:

    They where called safe-t cones because the top had a preformed section that would securely hold the scoop of ice cream. Both to prevent ‘ball dropage’ and so it would melt into the base of the cone–instead of down the sides. They also had structural supports that would keep the cone intact when you ate it–instead of cracking and dumping the contents out on you. 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Don’t forget that waffle cones sometimes leak melted ice cream at the bottom due to incomplete closure.

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