Rainbow-colored igloo

This beautiful, rainbow hued igloo was designed by Edmonton's Brigid Burton, who wanted to entertain her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend (an engineer student), visiting from New Zealand over winter break. Burton froze cartons full of colored water and left the boyfriend, Daniel Gray, to do the rest, building the structure out of 500 ice-bricks.

Made a coloured ice igloo while visiting my gf in Edmonton, Canada. The local news station did a story on it. News article in comments (imgur.com) (via Colossal)


    1. Yeah, but the igloo project seems to have been cleverly designed to sabotage the relationship, so we’ll see.

      “Tee hee! My mom got us the stuff to make a cool igloo in the back, and when you’re done building it, we can sneak in there for sexytime!”

      • • • 48 HOURS LATER • • • 

      “Aren’t you done building that goddamn thing yet?”
      “Almost, but I can’t feel my genitalia. I don’t understand, it’s supposed to be warmer than this!”

      Pretty crafty, guy’s Canadian girlfriend’s mom!

      1.  It looks like it needs two sleeping bags zipped together for the occupants, and a nice strong door for some privacy

  1. An igloo out of ICE?  Brrrrr. They have to be built of snow to be effective. Ice is a very poor thermal insulator; snow is a fairly good one. Still, a cool project. (In more ways than one.)

    1. Thanks for introducing me to a cool site and destroying any productivity for the afternoon!

    1. It’s not really an igloo unless you were wearing caribou skin clothes and sealskin boots while you were building it.  And if your pana was made by peeing a line in the snow.
      Details here:


      /The igloo in the photo is built from a series of rings, whereas an igloo is made from a continuous spiral of snow blocks.

      //That coloured igloo is cool though. 

      ///I once made a polar bear out of snow and ice for a girlfriend.  One of these days, I’ll have to digitize the photo.

  2. For some reason I’m expecting to see a nerdier version of this.  Multi-colored LEDs embedded in the ice blocks connected to an Arduino controller synced to a laptop all while choreographed to Trans Siberian Orchestra…

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