Star Wars silhouettes cut from vinyl records


8 Responses to “Star Wars silhouettes cut from vinyl records”

  1. niktemadur says:

    Although not much to look at (standard RCA presentation), there would have been bonus points for using Meco’s “Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk” as the central LP.

  2. gothevole says:

    This reminds me of the practice of damaging books to rip out pages to frame and sell. Making anything out of records–this one looked interesting too–just seems wrong.

    • Dave X says:

       Also, what’s the connection between records and Star Wars? Seems like they could have just as easily cut these out of black paper, or some other random material, like cereal boxes.

  3. mtdna says:

    No Jar-Jar?

  4. spejic says:

    So Leia’s most noted activity is being a sex slave?

  5. nanner says:

    i dunno. Not really into it. Lots of people sell “things laser cut from LPs”. I talked to the owner of a big vintage vinyl shop who throws out dumpsters full of LPs weekly. They are not able to sell them due to condition. Hopefully crafters that want to cut up records are using these kinds of cast offs. 

  6. Jeffrey Bary says:

    Most vinyl records are made from plastics that contain chlorine. Cutting (i.e. – burning) them in a laser cutter will release chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is very dangerous, even in small quantities. Make sure you learn about chlorine before you produce it.

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