African sf anthology

Liam sez, "On the tail of the CC-licensed Muslim SF Anthology: there's a recently-released collection of African SF stories, called Afro SF. It's a collection of stuff written by folks in and around the African continent, so there's a fairly wide spread of content and focus. It's pretty new, and pretty neat, although it isn't CC and it is, at present, only available as a slightly-pricey e-book. Still, SF, some of it quite good (writers like Sarah Lotz, Biram Mboob) marginal voices, and all." (Thanks, Liam!)


  1. Excellent – I remember asking around a few years if anyone knew of any SF from black Africa (as opposed to stuff from South African and Zimbabwean whites – happy to read that but it’s not what I was curious about at the time) and not being able to find anything at all. I think I’ll have to read this, pricey ebook or no.

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