Bizarre 70s-style "pants calendar" a 21st-century hit

A calendar of men posing with 1970s cars while wearing underpants is said to be a big hit in Germany. You may view this calendar in its entirety online. [h/t The Awl]


  1. I thought this was vintage 70’s photos, but it’s modern photos/models with old cars. Not half as cool.

    1. On the contrary, i find this return to an older aesthetic quite cool. Much cooler than simply reprinting some old photos.
      I wouldn’t mind if modern ads began to resemble those from the seventies… I find their aesthetic and basic marketing approach much more endearing than the bland manipulative soul-sucking dross we tend to get nowadays.

  2. So, Cory, you’re saying the pants calender isn’t pants, eh?

    /paging René Magritte!  White Courtesy Telephone, please.

  3. I’m pretty sure my aunt used to drive the Citroen from the May photo.  Probably not the very self-same one, but I suppose you never can tell…

  4. So, Julian Assange escapes in a Citroën DS and a pair of hot pants in May this year. Looking forward to it.

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