Chris Ware's latest New Yorker cover and the Newtown tragedy


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  1. A few days after this happened my daughter had her end of year christmas party at her day care…all the students from accross the week were there all at once so there were 70 kids..50 plus adults all crammed into a space big enough for 25. It was lovely lovely chaos… people were coming and going and I had very mixed feelings. 

    On the one hand I was sad that anyone from China, USA , Pakistan or anywhere else for that matter would want to harm these tiny little beings that contained unlimited potential 

    On the other hand I felt very happy to live in New Zealand where this kind of thing is still possible. Where the biggest risk to the kids was the car park.

  2. millie fink says:

    Thanks, I clicked through and was reminded that Chris Ware writes pretty much just as well as he draws. And both have a lot of heart too.

  3. Halloween_Jack says:

    It’s kind of interesting that Ware would say that, because in one of his Acme Novelty comics, he draws himself into the story as an art teacher at a grade/middle school in the seventies. (He even goes out to a student’s car during lunch to share a joint.) 

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