Cute retro alarm clock

I saw Jenny Ryan's Instragram photo of her new alarm clock, and I had to get one. It replaced our guest bedroom digital alarm clock, which is ugly and suffers from the "what does this button do?" syndrome that's common in electronic gadgets. I counted five buttons, one 3-position switch, and one 4-position switch.

The Kikkerland, on the other hand has one button (the large and intuitive alarm button) and two dials: one to set the time, and one to set the alarm. That's it. With enough training, even Pescovitz will be able to operate it when he spends the night.

The clock is quiet (it does tick softly) and uses 1 AA cell. The alarm chime is a loud piezoelectric pulse. The hands are luminous. And it's only $15.

Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock