HOWTO make a bulletproof snow-fort


13 Responses to “HOWTO make a bulletproof snow-fort”

  1. DowneastDiva says:

    What to do when spring arrives?

  2. Andre Vandal says:

    Didn’t Mythbusters tackle this a few years back?

  3. Neural Kernel says:

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for Occupy or Idle No More to start building these…

  4. Chris Baker says:

    There was even some discussion at the time of making aircraft carriers of the material. There was a book in my high school library that discussed how the carrier would be able to last for several years before it would thaw because the wood pulp would provide insulation on the outer portion as it melted.

  5. Paul Renault says:

    What an aircraft carrier built out of Pykrete might look like.

    Just look at it!  It screams “Sci-fi book cover!”

  6. ravells says:

    If we had known about this technology we could have saved Hoth. 

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