Ladder as horizontal bookshelf


13 Responses to “Ladder as horizontal bookshelf”

  1. Terry Carroll says:

    That ladder in my basement, it’s going up on the wall. Thanks!

  2. Dorian Banks says:

    They should have put the mounts facing ‘up’ behind the rungs.  Big fail on a cool idea.

  3. Joseph Misterovich says:

    What is this? Pinterest?

  4. nanner says:

    i pinned this on pinterest last week

    *edit: no, i just checked and it was this cooler one – pinned 4 days ago.

  5. sievetronix says:

    I am looking at this and thinking… man that needs to be secured to the wall a lot better.

  6. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Oh, short people, you so crazy.

  7. Sean McKibbon says:

    Is that in a corner? Because if it isn’t it sure is a nifty shelf in a corner on a flat wall optical illusion.

  8. Ms. Anne Thrope says:

    I prefer these ladder shelves.  Boards are required, sure, but it holds more and the assembly is super easy- unfold ladder(s) and position boards:

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