Morning Glory Road renamed after beef raised

"The Lehi City Council has renamed Morning Glory Road after a technology company planning to relocate to the street raised concerns about the name's sexual connotation." [Daily Herald]


  1. The technology company will surely take umbrage to the unfavorable associations of the replacement name, “Morning Vista”, and subsequently insist on a change to “Morning Seven”.

  2. Somebody somewhere once pointed out that any string of syllables can be given a sexual meaning. KnowwhatImean? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Saynomore. Say. No. More.

    1. In my sophomore year, my three roommates and I proved this daily.  After a couple of months we declared a truce, because it had become impossible to hold any conversation.  

    1. Because “road” could be construed to be “rode”, which in turn can be used as a sexual innuendo.  They’ll probably change it to the more innocuous “Morning Glory Strip that Things Go Back and Forth On”.

  3. The other day my spouse wrote some copy that used the words “happy ending” in a non-massage-related context. Some people were offended. So no more happy endings, for anyone, anymore.

    1. In the early 90s I worked for Friendly’s Ice Cream (a US restaurant franchise on the east coast, somewhat famous – deservedly so IMO – for their ice cream). Their generic ice cream dessert was called a Happy Ending. It was one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and half a maraschino cherry on top. It was surprisingly good.

      Sadly, I can’t imagine it still has the same name.

      1. It is still called a “Happy Ending”.  At least Friendly’s didn’t cave over the slightest giggle.  I like telling people that I got a happy ending with my meal.

        1. In the personals, a “friendly” person is often seeking a “generous” person, so they have their own name issues.

  4. A bit of a stretch to say this is common enough knowledge to make changing the name an issue.  Now if it was name “Morning Wood Road” I could understand.

    1. Exactware: a cast of one’s own genitals, used for self stimulation.  A union of narcisissm and Ouroboros requiring much less flexibility.

  5. Credit where credit is due: the Dictionary of American Regional English (opportunity for Amazon link!) found this term during its research. As I recall, a woman in Vancouver, BC is  credited with using these words to describe an upon-waking erection.

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