Morning Glory Road renamed after beef raised


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  1. Jacob Ewing says:

    Oh those dirty, dirty flowers.  Crawling around all over the place and opening up their reproductive organs for the world to see every morning.

  2. GawainLavers says:

    In other news, plant species to be exterminated to save our children.

  3. Jorpho says:

    The technology company will surely take umbrage to the unfavorable associations of the replacement name, “Morning Vista”, and subsequently insist on a change to “Morning Seven”.

  4. Spieguh says:

    I hope the new name, “Nocturnal Emissions Boulevard,” is less scandalous for them. 

  5. For those of us more sheltered types:

    To awaken with a boner so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it , otherwise known as to sleep in a tent, or to have a dawn horn.

  6. k0an says:

    Rob, excellent title.

  7. Russell Letson says:

    Somebody somewhere once pointed out that any string of syllables can be given a sexual meaning. KnowwhatImean? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Saynomore. Say. No. More.

  8. Funk Daddy says:

    What is wrong with a street name that indicates they are ready to go, early, each and every day? Or a flower?

    • DreamboatSkanky says:

      Because “road” could be construed to be “rode”, which in turn can be used as a sexual innuendo.  They’ll probably change it to the more innocuous “Morning Glory Strip that Things Go Back and Forth On”.

  9. kongjie says:

    The other day my spouse wrote some copy that used the words “happy ending” in a non-massage-related context. Some people were offended. So no more happy endings, for anyone, anymore.

    • Mongrove_Moone says:

      In the early 90s I worked for Friendly’s Ice Cream (a US restaurant franchise on the east coast, somewhat famous – deservedly so IMO – for their ice cream). Their generic ice cream dessert was called a Happy Ending. It was one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and half a maraschino cherry on top. It was surprisingly good.

      Sadly, I can’t imagine it still has the same name.

  10. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    A bit of a stretch to say this is common enough knowledge to make changing the name an issue.  Now if it was name “Morning Wood Road” I could understand.

  11. eris_kallisti says:

    What a bunch of overly-sensitive weenies.

    Whelp, off to Urban Dictionary to create an entry for “Exactware

    • GawainLavers says:

      Exactware: a cast of one’s own genitals, used for self stimulation.  A union of narcisissm and Ouroboros requiring much less flexibility.

  12. Tribune says:

    and was the new name “Santorum Road”?

  13. Deidzoeb says:

    Graduates of Arcadia University, formerly Beaver College.

  14. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Let’s start referring to double penetration as a “Washington”.

  15. thepolishpen says:

    Idiot bureaucrat was actually thinking of “morning wood.” Will still receive paycheck. 

  16. silkox says:

    Credit where credit is due: the Dictionary of American Regional English (opportunity for Amazon link!) found this term during its research. As I recall, a woman in Vancouver, BC is  credited with using these words to describe an upon-waking erection.

  17. Another Kevin says:

    Georgia O’Keeffe Boulevard?

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