Potatoman Seeks the Troof: fun side-scroller

The fun folks at Pixeljam have released a challenging new side-scroller called "Potatoman Seeks the Troof," in which you play a little spud in search of enlightenment, traversing a series of difficult terrains, trying to attain it. I've been playing it for a couple of days now, and I've found it good, addictive fun, with a nice balance between level-memorization and hand-eye coordination.

Potatoman Seeks the Troof (Thanks, Miles!)


3 Responses to “Potatoman Seeks the Troof: fun side-scroller”

  1. Peter Kisner says:

    Man, I love Pixeljam.

    Dino Run & Gamma Bros FTW!

  2. Michael Polo says:

    I had Aztec Challenge ( C64 ) flashbacks.

  3. Nigh about time that Sontarans got their own game. ;-)

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