San Francisco: Dean & Britta and Warhol's Screen Tests live on February 9


5 Responses to “San Francisco: Dean & Britta and Warhol's Screen Tests live on February 9”

  1. polarbear says:

    I’ve seen this at Duke!  It was beautiful, and amazing.

  2. stinkypetethepirate says:

    Damn that blond brushing her teeth at 27 seconds looks like TWiT’s Sarah Lane… Perhaps it’s her mom???

  3. EH says:

    Please ask Hook about the whole DJing “thing.”

    • David Pescovitz says:

      I gotta say that compared to asking about the music that Hook wrote and performed as a founder of Joy Division and New Order, and the culture that the music was spawned from and helped create, your “zinger” of a “question” just ain’t that interesting to me.

  4. euansmith says:

    Did nobody ever smile at the Factory?

    Lou Reed looks cool, though, as does Dennis Hopper.

    I have a third hand Dennis Hopper story…

    A friend of a friend was a printer and affermationist down in London. Somehow he linked up with Dennis Hopper for a night of drug fuelled debauchery. Morning comes too early and our printer is curled up in his pit hoping that the world will go away and leave him alone, when the door bursts open. There is Hopper, fresh as a daisy, with a bottle of vodka in each pocket. “See ya!”, he cries and heads off to another day of excess.

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