The Golden Key


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  1. Chris Drouin says:

    The story’s dreamlike, and I’ve never met anybody else who read it growing up.  I’d half-convinced myself that I had simply imagined it.  Glad to see that it really does exist.  The “you have tasted of death” scene still sticks in my head years and years later.

  2. skimedic says:

    If you like his style, I heartily recommend Phantastes and Lilith, two of my favorite books of all time.  Phantastes was C. S. Lewis’ inspiration to write the Chronicles of Narnia.

  3. dasanjos says:

    Amazing! If like me you lingered for more, like a  review of the tale and the author, check this essay: The Ultimate Rite of Passage: Death and Beyond in “The  Golden Key” and At the Back of the North Wind by Marilyn Pemberton'The_Golden_Key'_and_At_the_Back_of_the_North_Wind_-_Marilyn_Pemberton.pdf

  4. DjAa Stepka says:

    I loved George McDonald growing up, and never met anyone else who read him until I met my future husband (I was 17 at the time). A good GMcD quote still makes us smile romantically at each other – 20 years later.

  5. Chentzilla says:

    Dark Moor’s Silver Key is classic gothic rock in its truest form.

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