Trombone player with camera mounted on his slider

It turns out that if you put a GoPro camera on the slider of a trombone, facing you, and then play a number, you get a perfectly synched, awesomely comical, mesmerizing video. Proof courtesy of youtuber CDMVette and his "Trombone Silliness."

Trombone Silliness (via Kottke)


    1. Based on the comments, I can see why the original poster removed the video. I guess he hasn’t learned to disable comments on all youtube uploads.

      Screw you, internet.

          1.  Dumb, yes, but not really mean-spirited i.m.o. The youtube community can do much worse easily.

    2. Heh, had Santigold’s “This Isn’t Our Parade” going at the same time and it synced up rather nicely.

  1. Just FYI, that’s a member of the New York Philharmonic – David Finlayson – on the ‘bone.

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