Viewfraud is the new clickfraud


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  1. machinestate says:

    “B-b-b-but-but the recording business model is antiquated, record labels aren’t adapting to evolving technologyyyyy”

    No, the business model is adapting.  The problem is the declining content evidenced by these oh-so-antiquated labels being forced to hire robots and third-world slaves to consume their content for free

    “Oh, oh no, what is to do?”

    Blame the pirates (read: the people who used to sit in record stores all day, trying before they buy. Bastards!)

  2. bardfinn says:

    And yet, for years, continuing unto today, “This content is not available on [your platform|mobile].” — until you change your user agent string, and prestochangeo! Suddenly it is available!
    Can they claim their right hand was so incompetent that it induced view fraud in order to merely reach their own audience?

  3. tw1515tw says:

    Winston Churchill said a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its trousers on. 

    I read the record companies moved over their videos to the Vevo channel a few years ago, and YouTube took its time to adjust the numbers to reflect this. Surprised to see myself defending the record companies, but there you go.

    • David Wall says:

      You may have read it here - 

      It seems as though the story has already been somewhat debunked

  4. Dennis Smith says:

    There are reputable sources for this news item, but still Boing Boing quotes from the Daily Mail. If  Boing Boing want’s credibility then they need to stop doing silly things like that. US readers will start thinking the Daily Mail has standards, because they don’t. The Daily Mail still go on about Princess Di, at least once a week, and if it’s not that then it’s about William and Kate. This about sums up the paper pretty well.

  5. The views were removed because the videos were moved to another account.
    The narrative is wonderful but the truth came out about a week ago.
    [Thanks to David Wall for the link] When they migrated to VEVO views got a little mixed up and that’s been resolved. There’s no news here, just an inflated narrative blown out of proportion.

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