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  1. Tom Quinn says:

    A great article, with maybe the most generic title possible.

  2. annoyingmouse says:

    “the website of the Daily Mail, the best-read newspaper on the web”

    Surely the most depressing fact we’ll read all day.

  3. Rob Jordan says:

    Not one mention of Kurtz. We’ll never hear the end of that.

  4. Jardine says:

    Sometimes I’ll read the colour newspaper comics and the art in about half of them is just shit.

  5. First Last says:

    I think it’s important to note that when it says Ctrl-Alt-Del has “experimented with sketch shows and animated comics” it means that Tim Buckley has streamed video of himself assembling comics from pre-drawn parts, and produced a dozen or so 5 minute long cartoons based on the comic,  the production values of which can be ascertained from this gif of the main character jumping out a window, and on which the producers said they “lost a HUGE amount of money”.

    Kurtz’s absence must be really galling him given CAD’s inclusion.

  6. Promethean Sky says:

    They missed a couple things that I think should have been mentioned. Especially given that Garfield was their old media go-to example, Jim Davis is a HUGE fan of webcomics, giving his approval to Garfield Minus Garfield, as well as relaunching US Farms online.

    In their mention of mini-media empires, how about Blind Ferret? The Least I Could Do animated pilot episode should have been thrown in under the animation bit, way moreso than CAD.

  7. Simon Fox says:

    “…“Penny Arcade” built up around the nascent video-games industry, and feature the stock characters of game culture: ninjas, snipers and busty women.”
    And suddenly I am sad about liking games.

    • echolocate chocolate says:

      Don’t be sad about liking games. Be sad about the state that the industry and mainstream culture around games has let itself get into. Demand better and we will get better.

  8. Akusu Xiom says:

    No mention of Blind Ferret Entertainment =/

  9. stillcantfightthedite says:

    While it’s great to see Webcomics being discussed in The Economist, the article is poorly researched and extremely limited in scope.  More of a blurb than anything else.

  10. pgt says:

    The Dec 22nd issue was the Economist’s annual ‘Christmas issue’. In addition to it’s regular superb news reporting, that issue has a bumper crop of fascinating and entertaining articles on a wide variety of topics. It’s worth picking up each year even if you don’t read any other issues.

    From a happy subscriber.

  11. civilguy says:

    another great comic genius who is well worth the time to find is Jim Martin (willy & ethel, cats with hands, porterfield & mr boffo) all updated DAILY. well worth a visit

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