Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic to be released in April

“jOBS,” a biographical film on the life of Steve Jobs, will be out in April according to its makers. Ashton Kutcher plays the late Apple co-founder.


    1. If Jobs had had his way, Macs would never even have had expansion ports.

      Steve was reportedly against having slots in the Apple II back in the days of yore, and felt even stronger about slots for the Mac. He decreed that the Macintosh would remain perpetually bereft of slots, enclosed in a tightly sealed case, with only the limited expandability of the two serial ports.

      1. Yeah but iWoz is a much funnier title, and even in death I don’t think Jobs would ever want to play second fiddle to Woz, even in the unimportant realm of book title joking.

    1. Great casting, but what makes Kutcher an asshat?  I know he plays some annoying characters but the few times I’ve seen him out of character he seemed pretty normal/reasonable.

      1. Fair enough, I don’t know much about Kutcher (though he seems a bit immature when I have seem him talk out of character), I could have said a guy who plays asshats, playing another asshat.

        1.  Yours was punchier, I was just seeing if there was any particularly funny stories about Kutcher being an asshat.  I think he’s in character on Punk’d by the way.  I think the only time I’ve seen him talk at length out of character was on Bill Maher and pretty much anyone can look reasonable next to that guy.  The verdict is not yet in.


      1. I don’t want to drive a wedge between you, but your love may not be reciprocated. Your iPad was saying some very uncomplimentary things about you down at the cybercafé last night… asshat was the least of them…

  1. Well if there was ever a good time to ‘take care of’… cough…. all the iZombies and iCultists, other than the next iShiney product release, this would be it. Late April release huh? Should have been April 1st, seems more fitting imo.

    1. Don’t worry, that release date will be pushed back due to reported shortages.  Or sheer apathy.

    2. One day you will casually say to your friends, “Oh, yeah, I got an iPhone. Just trying it out. It -is- pretty easy to use. huh”

  2. Cue Jobs hate, more like it.

    I’ve got a long history of railing on Apple but some of these comments seem pretty undeserved. As I said on the day he died: he somehow made computing cool instead of geeky. If nothing else *that* was his contribution to the world and his story is one worth telling.

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