Bitter One Percenter stiffs waiter

Joey deVilla (AKA the Accordion Guy) says: "An online acquaintance of mine stumbled across this gem left for waitstaff by a patron."

Some suggested interpretations of this message include:

“You may have already suspected that I was an asshole, but I have left you some documentation just in case.”

“I’m incredibly angry and not entirely sure who to blame so I lash out at everyone around me.”

“I’m mad about having to pay to keep the country running, and I’ve decided the most effective way to make my displeasure with this governmental policy known to the people responsible is to take it out my impotent rage on waitresses.”

When Bitter Republicans Tip (or more precisely, when they don’t)


  1. “The extra taxes and the tip I have decided not to give you will not affect my life in any measurable way, regardless I must punish you for not being rich like myself.”

    1.  “As a direct result of your doucheknob behavior, I find that I must drop a Cleveland Steamer in your baked alaska.

      I wish it didn’t have to be this way for both of us.”

      1. Of course, the coward waits till he’s walking out the door to leave this gem.

        If he’s so concerned about reducing his discretionary spending, why is he eating out?

        1. “If he’s so concerned about reducing his discretionary spending, why is he eating out?”
          Yes, exactly.  If you don’t feel like you can tip sufficiently, then the entitled douchebag shouldn’t go out to eat.  That’s what the rest of us not-incredibly-wealthy people do.

          1. That would probably require him to know how to cook something more complicated than ramen and his time is worth too much to spend it doing hoi polloi things like food preparation.

        2.  My thoughts exactly. If you can’t afford the tip, then you shouldn’t be eating there in the first place. Go to McDonald’s if you don’t want to pay for the service.

        3. Exactly!  The tip is part of the cost of the meal.  If you can’t afford one, you can’t afford the other…

        4. Since I’ve been trolling conservative websites for the past five years or so, I think I know the answer to this.  I could be off base, but I don’t think so.

          I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with cutting discretionary spending.  I say “pretty sure” because I want to give this person the benefit of the doubt; maybe they’re a person who managed to become affluent despite a lack of common sense (a sense that would tell someone with it that if they can’t afford a tip, they can’t afford to eat out.) What gave me this idea was comments on FOX Nation, Breitbart, and WSJ, among others, including friends and family (I wish I was making that last part up.)

          There’s this belief that, because of the election numbers and comments made by Mitt Romney about the bottom 47%, and the correlation that more than half the country receives some sort of entitlement, that Obama was re-elected almost solely because poor people looking for a handout voted for him.  It’s well-known that servers tend to be in that 47%.

          Therefore, servers must be punished for supporting the evil socialist.

          I wish I was making that up, but I didn’t.  There was even an infamous incident where a Florida Denny’s franchise owner started charging an explicit “Obamacare surcharge”, and suggested that people deduct the surcharge amount from their tips, since their servers would be the primary beneficiaries of Obamacare.

          1.  Bizarre.  Servers make less than minimum wage and work their asses off.  I would think conservatives would want to use servers as examples of their ideal economic conditions — everyone working their asses off 80 hours a week and still relying on charity (sorry, “gratuities”) for most of your income.

        1. Probably the card. The entertainment value far outweighs the fraction of a cent that went into the sliver of paper and drop of black ink.

          1. Hah.  Reminds me of an ongoing disagreement I have with my wife.  She thinks it’s insulting to include pennies in a tip (I often leave a cash tip and pile pocket change on top).  Too which I always respond that she has obviously never waited tables.

          2. Thunderhammer, having worked in  restaurants for a long time, its mostly considered insulting/annoying these days. In all likely hood your change is just getting piled up in various places around the restaurant and forgotten. 

          3.  Well, I’ve waited tables, and I would rather have this card to show around and tell everyone what an asshole he was instead of getting the nickel or whatever it cost to make the card. Everyone has a story about the guy who left you a nickel. Few have such clear evidence of douchebaggery to keep as a visual aid. Naturally, a server would rather have an appropriate tip, but given the choices before us…

      1.  Have you seen the regret not tipping you card Paul Allen had made? It was a thing of beauty.

  2. Somehow I think what the waiter does to this patron the next time he serves him will give him way more satisfaction than the chump’s tip.

    1. “When high society sits down to dine, remember that someone is pissing in the wine.”—Chumbawamba

  3. Interestingly, I found out today, that between 1929 and 1931, US taxes doubled. 

    That ended up with lots of tax strikes. 

    It’s also a major cause of the recession and its effects.

    So why is it wrong when this guy does it to a waitress, but if the state screws people over, its a good thing?

    What happens when the state doesn’t provide services, but carries on taxing?

    What happens when the state defaults on its promises/contracts?

    What should happen if the cost of state services can be obtained cheaper from other people? 

    1. What if LordBlagger sees fit to post a series of ridiculous falsely-premised rhetorical questions?

    2. “So why is it wrong when this guy does it to a waitress, but if the state screws people over, its a good thing?”
      This is like comparing apples to flashlights…

      1. They’re the same, actually. If I hit you in the head with either one and take your money, I still have your money. Not that I would. You seem like such a nice person.

        Now what I really want to know is how we know the person is a bitter republican or a bitter one percenter.

        1. Pretty simple to figure out, really. Proposition 30 affects people with taxable incomes above $250K/year, and only a Republican would think of doing something this insulting to someone who probably barely earns a living wage. Also, the “Obama” thing.

          1. I was surprised by the Affect/Effect mistake too, given that SFGate is the SF Chronicle’s website. But then I noticed that the article was provided by Investopedia, a division of ValueClick, Inc.

          2. But the new taxes are for Education!  Maybe we can teach the next generation of California’s kids how to spell.

        2. We conclude that he’s bitter because of his bitter microessay. We conclude that he’s rich because he claims to be rich. Your theory is, what, performance art?

    3. what happens when a guy who can pay to have a ‘fuck you card’ printed up also pays a bunch of lawyers and lobbyist to make sure all thoes things you just said happen…

      its a good thing the states had all thoes programs to provide services back in 1929… yes i am sure it was the taxes that caused the stock market to crash which of course give us a recession, wait no that was a depression

    4. If that list of hypotheticals ever comes to pass I guess we’ll find out. 

      In the meantime, households that earn over $400k (!) a year will have to pay slightly higher taxes on the amount over $400k , but will continue to pay the recent-record-low taxes they were paying on the remaining $400k.

      So, you know, screw the wait staff!

    5. “Interestingly, I found out today, that between 1929 and 1931, US taxes doubled.”

      Interestingly, income tax on those with high incomes in the 40s was 94% then 96%.

      Interestingly, corporations paid 2/3 of the CA state tax burden in the 70s, then Prop 13 passed, and now they pay close to 1/6th.

      1. You have to look at who is receiving money, and who is going to pay the money. 

        For example at the moment in Western ‘democracies’ governments have run up massive debts, partly by borrowing, but even more insidiously  by spending the money they have taken in exchange for people’s retirements. 

        For most people, they have had no choice, and because they don’t earn much, it means that this money is their only source of income in retirement. 

        What that means for them, is that its very important that governments can pay them, not the dollar amount, but an amount of dollars that corresponds to the purchasing power. What this means is that if 10,000 dollars was promised, causing huge inflation, and still paying 10,000 dollars is a default. You’ve screwed them over. 

        Same applies not just to the US but in all places. 

        So here we have people saying that its bad of the dinner not to tip. Not to pay the waitress. 

        Well, what happens when the government doesn’t pay out? What happens when it reneges on its side of the deal? It’s far more dire than not getting a tip. 

        That’s what’s going on at the moment in Greece. It’s going to spread. In the UK, the government is in debt 14 times its tax base when you include its pensions debts. It’s currently nibbling away, reneging on its part of the deal. It’s going to get worse. 

        The tax strikes from the depression are interesting. Most left wingers will say the right to strike is a fundamental one, unless its other people having the right to strike when it comes to working for the state. 

        That’s why most people have Greece the wrong way round. Greece is in a mess because people aren’t paying tax. It’s really, Greeks aren’t paying tax because they aren’t getting services, and their money is going into politicians pockets or on debts. 

        1. 1. Are you asserting that the diner who left that card was retaliating against the Greek government? Or engaging in preemptive retaliation against a waiter for what the US government will “inevitably” do in the unspecified future.

          2. Do your scare quotes around the word democracy signify something?

        2. A waitress busts her ass for long hours bringing you food that you could have made at home for less.

          Not tipping her is unacceptable.  She needs the money more than you do you cheap creep!

          1. Not to mention they often do not get any real pay other than tips. At least in this state they are paid just enough to offset the tax. Yep that’s right tax, which they also pay. This means the actual money they keep is 0 plus tips in most places.

        3. You are clearly a stupid fuck. Your over-simplistic explanations of things illustrate this. Misspelling a word like diner doesn’t help.

          Nice scare quotes on ‘democraies’ there – are you asserting that elections in the West are somehow undemocratic? Would that be because your team lost last year?

          IRT your blanket statement about western nations’ debt: Speak for your own mismanaged country, bud. Australian national debt is currently around 10% of annual GDP and this is largely to having a properly regulated financial market which insulated us from the idiocy that Wall St cowboys started 5 years ago and we didn’t have George W Bush flushing billions down the toilet to settle his daddy’s score in Iraq (that’s what really screwed/is screwing you guys…and the right supports that).

          I don’t know where you get this idea about dollar amounts being paid as retirement benefits – probably some misdirection you picked up from Fox – but funds contributed into retirement benefits are invested by financial institutions like any other reserves of cash and any investment (that isn’t completely stupid) is one that pays interest greater than inflation.

          Your understanding of Greece’s woes is laughably misguided. Please show me these “left-wingers” that are against people’s right to strike, cause that’s just bullshit. Greece is in trouble because people aren’t paying tax. Not paying tax is a massive historical problem in Greece from long before services had to be cut as part of austerity measures. You claiming it is the other way around doesn’t make it so.

          Do yourself a favour and stop now. We don’t need a further illustration of your bass ackwarks views, thanks.

        4. You are absolutely right, it is terrible that governments have underfunded pension liabilities. 

          It turns out that if you promise a certain level of services and then cut taxes for 40 years straight, it becomes difficult to fulfill your obligations.

          We’ve cut taxes too many times and now we need raise them high enough to pay for the promises we’ve already made. If we hadn’t cut them so dramatically, they wouldn’t need to be raised so dramatically. It’s really very straightforward. 

          When you live in a democracy, you agree to abide by the decisions of the majority, if you don’t like it you can protest, but you should be willing to go to jail if you break the law. I doubt any tax-strikers from the 1% had to worry about jail when they “protested”. What you call a “strike” is probably better called “evasion”, which continues, with little penalty, today. 

          Strike is a term usually reserved for when the least powerful people refuse to give their labor in exchange for a pittance from the most powerful that doesn’t cover their basic needs, not when the most powerful people refuse give a pittance to the least powerful which wouldn’t affect their opulence at all. The term you’re looking for there is self-righteous douchebaggery. 

          Also, tax-evasion was incredibly problematic in Greece long before it became insolvent. It’s the poor who’ve stopped paying recently, the rich have never paid their share, which is a large part of the reason for the insolvency. 10-15 years of actually collecting taxes at the specified rates would make Greece solvent, but the “tax-striking” 1% have closed the door on the possibility…

        5. See, this is a problem that’s amenable to data. And the data at hand suggests that the American government is actually quite efficient at turning revenues into transfer payments- more than the private financial sector (to the tune of 99% for the SSA,) which has a notably different set of motivations, and we also had a massive set of indicators of confidence that suggest that the risk of a federal default at any point in the indefinite future is functionally zero- like, for instance, the negative interest rate investors are willing to presently take on T-bills. These “iron law of history” arguments persistently fall short of the data, just like their Marxist cousins. There simply is no evidence that the US is anywhere close to a sovereign debt crisis, now or in the future, nor does the American government and tax system have a damned bit of resemblance to Greece.

          None of which has a thing to do with a person of means (if indeed the tax measure affect them) going into a restaurant and not paying for a portion of their dining experiencing (you know that servers are both not paid more than a token, sub-minimum-wage retainer and do more than carry your food, right?,) and depriving a person of lesser means (with a higher marginal utility for cash) of income, and trying to turn it into a post-facto recruiting drive for their voting block. There’s nothing intellectual coherent about that- it’s just being a dickhead.

    6. your question, if serious, means you’re just as much an asshole as the person that left this note.  if it’s real.

      1. I think this subject is too hard for people who only passed high school, or only received BA’s in the Liberal Arts.  They can only think of the money in front of their (or in this case, the waitress) face.

    7. Say, that’s a nifty list of straw-man issues you’ve dredged up there. That you’ve attempted to equate personal douchebag behavior with goverment policy puts it in a rarified category of irrelevance. I recognize art when I see it…Congratulations!

    8. Source, with citation, for your implication of all US taxes doubling in two years?

      That seems like quite an event for a conservative president Hoover to be involved with.

    9.  So let’s get this straight.

      This is a guy who pays probably pretty good money to print cards to give to wait staff.  The cards explain that although this guy has enough money to print these cards and eat at nice restaurants, he’s not giving any to you because OBAMA.  Whether or not the server voted for Obama or voted at all.  And using the excuse that they “just don’t have enough money because of all those taxes.”  Even though they had enough to print the cards and dine out in the first place.

      You want to talk about failures of government?  Minimum wage doesn’t apply to wait staff.  Most of their money comes from tips.  Even here in liberal taxachussetts wait staff get somewhere between $2 and $4 an hour.

      This asshole is fucking with the livelihoods of people who can’t afford it to make a stupid political point.  He’s screwing people over who didn’t cause him any problems for no apparent reason.  And you think he has a really good point?

      Whatever the guy’s argument is doesn’t justify doing this.  Even supposing his argument had merits it wouldn’t justify this.

      In response to your specific questions:
      1. Who said it’s a good thing?  Necessary is not the same as good.
      2. When did the government stop delivering services?  I must have missed that.
      3. When did the state default on its promises/contracts?  I must have missed that.
      4. When you replace state functions that are supposed to serve citizens with private firms that answer only to money, you end up with a system where private security officers routinely overlook crimes committed by the wealthy but exaggerate or completely manufacture crimes committed by the poor to justify increasing their budgets and to feed the for-profit prison system.  Why do you think private industry is completely devoid of corruption?  The private sector is every bit as corrupt as the public but there’s no accountability in the public sector so you only hear about the most egregious wrongdoing.

  4. If he didn’t have enough money to tip, he didn’t have enough money to dine. Bad budgeting skills.

    1. Ah, but when you deserve to go to a restaurant, and don’t feel like tipping, a whiny message will suffice…

      1.  A proper waiter in this country is in reality a business owner. They are in essence leasing the space in which they ply their craft, sharing profits with support staff, collaborating with the kitchen, and are responsible for making the experience for the diner a night of pleasant entertainment. You are entering a performance space at the table. Dining is not about eating.

        1. when i eat at most restaurants, most of the time, i want a pleasant experience, not “pleasant entertainment”. in fact in general, the less aware i am of the wait staff the better (as nice as they may very well be, which they likely are since most people are pretty nice). and i also go to a restaurant to eat, or as some might put it, to dine.

          in other words: what are you talking about?

          1. Yes, and that’s the point.  Making you unaware of their presence is insanely hard work.  Dozens of difficult jobs have to be done to make the service so good that you don’t notice anything happened.  A good restaurant is always, effectively, a business co-op; failure to tip reasonably is a scumbag move.

            (This guy puts the ‘petty’ in ‘petty theft’.)

          2. Paul, my friends who are servers talk about “putting on a mask” and similar stuff when they’re serving — they adopt personae that are not themselves for the sake of engaging in a large number of shallow and yet demanding social interactions every shift.  They very much are performing and playing a role, and part of playing that role is not to draw attention to themselves.  Perhaps that is what is throwing you — most performers try to call attention to themselves but wait staff do the opposite.

            You can be as witheringly skeptical as you like but I suspect if you had tried the least little bit you could have caught on to what BunnyShank was trying to say.

          3. I didn’t say the waitstaff was the “entertainment”, dining is the entertainment.

            Suffice it to say, that those who confuse dining with eating, are in danger of confusing service with “servant”.

      2. In the US, waiters can get paid less than minimum wage. They make money almost entirely off of tips. In the US, this is an extremely strong custom. The job of the waiter is to figure out WTF it is that will make your grumpy ass content. Your job is not to be a prick and pay out at least 15% if they do a decent job at this.
        The meal cost is intentionally “too low”, as compared to places where this is not the custom and waiters get a decent wage, so that you can pay a tip. This is the custom of the US. Violate it at our own risk. Anyone who doesn’t tip in the US for acceptable service is an asshole and deserves to have their soup pissed in. I highly suggest such people never visit the same restaurant twice.

        1. To summarize Rindan:  “People who don’t tip sufficiently should drink someone’s urine.”  

          Seriously though, that soup really tied the meal together…

  5. I suggest Mister Pink limit his discretionary spending to local establishments without wait staff, one where you order by numbers instead of words.  He can even get a toy to petulantly play with and not share with others as an added bonus.

    1. If you remember Reservoir Dogs, however, Mr. Pink is the one who gets away clean with an ill-gotten fortune. Seems sleazy bastards always do…

  6. “I wish it didn’t have to be this way for both of us.”

    I also wish that you were not a douche.

      1. Ugh.  After reading the comments there I must now go wash my eyes to think better about humanity.

      2.  Years ago my uncle left a card that said thanks for the service but I don’t believe in tipping.  My dad ran back to the table after he left and gave the waitress a nice tip.  My uncle is worth quite a few million but stingy as the grinch.  I know he grew up during the depression but I still can not fathom his no tip card.  I’m glad I’m not like him.

        1. But what is happening when you are not around when uncle dines out?? This was only a stop-gap solution.

    1. No doubt there are plenty of rich people out there that feel this way (see Republican intransigence on raising taxes on the rich) but I agree, this smells fishy. I’m a bit surprised so many here seem to take it at face value. But it reinforces our own prejudices (I include myself) so I probably shouldn’t be.

      1.  What’s fishy about it?  Just doesn’t seem plausible to you?

        It seems perfectly plausible to me.  I know people who would do shit like this.

  7. One summer I worked in a restaurant that was one step above fast food. I was appalled to learn that the wait staff didn’t get paid minimum wage, but less than half of minimum wage because of an assumption on the government’s part that tips would make up the difference. Because my job was restocking the salad bar I was paid minimum wage, which always made me feel guilty because it seemed to me that the wait staff’s job was harder, and their pay more dependent on customers’ whims.

    I realize the fact that wait staff in many restaurants are paid a poor wage because tips are supposed to make up the difference won’t come as a surprise to most people here, but I bet it’s something Mr. One Percenter is unaware of. Although if he does know it and is leaving these cards anyway that makes him an even bigger asshole.

      1. “Supposed to.” But who’s watching to make sure it actually happens?

        And as for the poor schmucks getting robbed of a minimum wage, where are they gonna find the time and money to take legal action against their employers if there isn’t anyone watching? Particularly if they run the risk of being fired for rocking the boat?

        1. “Who’s watching to make sure it actually happens” is an excellent question. In a restaurant where managers often smoked while cutting fruit, spent a great deal of time making sure any woman dining alone had company, and couldn’t be bothered to notice when a former employee went to the back and assaulted one of the waitresses, and where one of their top priorities was making sure that no one worked more than thirty hours a week I doubt anyone cared much about whether the wait staff received minimum wage.

      2.  Not that they ever do. Minimum wage is also too low to properly support yourself, let alone a family.

  8. Personally, I hope this douchenozzle is leaving that card at every restaurant he eats in. Because the fact is that servers DO remember the assbags who stiff them. If he does it in enough places, he’s pretty much guaranteed to get shitty service every single time he dines out, and will be eating something unquestionably disgusting about 90% of the time as well.

     And while I’m usually one of those who frowns on vigilante waiters taking justice into their own hands, I’m happy to make an exception for thumb-dicked shit wizards like this one.

    1. So a kinky scatophile who gets off on the idea of shit in his food should totally do this then!

      BTW, are you the cowbell guy, or the guy from Iron Maiden?

  9. This guy is a Cartoon Capitalist who likes to swim in a vat full of money and let the coins rain down on his head. Unreal.

  10. ‘I have never had more than a passing acquaintance with gratitude.’

    ‘I neither know how to count my blessings, or estimate a tip.’

  11. And the fact he printed it out, probably means he has a lot of them in his wallet and plans to use them frequently. Effin ahole, hopefully there’s a speeding bus out there with your name on it.

  12. “Sorry about the Drano in your entree, I wish it didn’t have to this way for both of us.”

  13. The point he’s trying to make rhetorically is “See, your stupid laws have prevented any trickle-down money from reaching you, you stupid waiter. Don’t you wish I had more of my money, so it could continue to trickle down to you? Don’t you wish Obama had never passed this law?”

    The problem is that his rhetorical point is stupid, because the waiter is far better served by having a soluble state which can provide services and some (even limited) healthcare than he or she would be by this guy’s measly “discretionary” tipping.

    1. I like how he waited until the end of the meal and already got the service to pull this stunt.  If he was so brave and determined to make a point he could’ve stated it when he sat down.

    2. Also, I think he’d rather have people on lower incomes be his footsoldiers and vote / campaign for his policies rather than getting his own hands dirty. Hey, it works for the Republicans…

  14. Dear whiney 1%’r.  I am unable to pay your brokerage fees because of the evil Mr. Obama so please place my 401K transactions for free.  Thanks.

  15. I think that one of the things that pisses me off about the “one percent” is not only that they seem so goddamned mean but, worse, their reasoning for doing so is utterly without actual merit, reason, logic, etc.

    How about everyone start double-parking because wasting fuel is both bad for the economy AND promotes wars AND probably somehow supports Obama?  That’s logical, too, ain’t it?

  16. Just some thoughts, no real point here… The congresscritters may have directly affected their own “tips” from their corporate “patrons” by voting in support of Obamacare and fair taxation.  But unlike waits staff, these people are granted the best health and retirement packages available.

  17. The other annoying thing about this, income tax rates are the lowest they’ve been since the 1940s (when they ran in the 70+% range for the uber wealthy). This smacktard has NOTHING to whine about.

  18. Something tells me that this person:
    1) was never a big tipper in the first place
    2) has not actually been forced to cut back on discretionary spending

    1. You’d be surprised what “discretionary spending” can mean to the wealthy. Five thousand dollar suits are business expenses. Hundred thousand dollar luxury vehicles are company cars, and the chauffeurs that drive them are company men.

      Basically discretionary spending is anything they can’t get handed to them by the company. So food, entertainment, and real estate, chiefly.

      1. There was a blogger a few years back who got a lot of attention after he wrote a piece complaining about how his family had almost no “discretionary” spending left over from their $400,000 income after taking into account all of the necessities like their daughter’s private art lessons, their gardener, their two cars, and the mortgage payments on the big new house they’d just bought near both his and his wife’s workplaces (in a city with good mass transit). He stopped blogging shortly after that. 

        1. You might be thinking of this (with video!):


          “Yeah, that’s before you pay 500 employees, you pay rent, you pay equipment and food,” Fleming agreed. “Since my net income — and again, that’s the individual rate that I told you about — the amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my family is more like $600,000 of that $6.3 million. And so by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over to invest in new locations, upgrade my locations, buy more equipment.”

  19. I doubt this guy is a one-percenter, anyway.  Just a wannabe, part of the tea partier rank-&-file.  Canon fodder (yes, I meant that typo).

    1.  Yep, and for all he knows this server is one of many ill-informed working class people who also share his political views and one percenter fantasies.

  20. Stiffing the waitstaff is understandable in these hard economic times. What is unforgivable is the offenses against typography.

    1. What, you expect him to waste more money and hire a proofreader? He’s obviously an important man, very busy, he doesn’t have time for typography, he pays someone to take care of it for him. Or at least he used to.

  21. I sent photo to friends the other day with the same question. “Is this real” they said yes it is. Then I wanted to know. “Can we have an on camera interview with the server and the guy who gave it to them? Can we look at this life and ask some questions. “Where you ever in food service?” “How much money do you make in a year? Do you have health insurance? Have you ever benefited from any government services above and beyond the amount of taxes you have paid. Do you or the company you work for receive any government contracts?”

    What do you family and friends think about these cards that you give out? Can we talk to them about you? 

    It might be like the interviews that the papers do sometimes with trolls. They find that these men (always men) are angry poorly adjusted people who often get benefits above and beyond the value they paid it. 

    If they are infact “rich” more than likely they have benefited from “accounting control fraud” of some sort or from government contracts. So they are not really ‘self made men” but are people who needed others (and taxes) to help make them successful, yet still they are angry. Why aren’t they happy? They have lots of money. 

  22. On the one hand, I don’t think it’s real. My gut feeling is that it’s a fake. An effective one that provokes the kind of outrage it does precisely because it’s the logical consequence of that particular world-view. In other words, it’s one of those “bodyguard of lies” that Churchill said must always attend important truths.

    On the other hand, if it is real, I’d be willing to make a Romney-style $10,000 bet that it came from someone whose household income would not put them in danger of seeing their taxes go up under the Obama plan.

    1. I wonder this too…it seems too perfectly crafted as an argument FOR progressive taxation.

      OTOH we have seen a spanking huge amount of such anti-arguing offered completely without irony (see also: Hobby Lobby, James Fallows’ “Atlas Shrugged” guy) 

    2.  This one may not be real but I had an uncle who did this and he was worth millions, so yes I know some of them do this.  My dad swiped up that card and left a generous tip.  I was very proud of my dad. 

  23. Are gratuities even considered optional anymore? Don’t waiters have to pay taxes on tips estimated from the restaurant’s receipts, regardless of whether patrons “opted” to leave a tip or not?

    1. Yes.

      And they have to pay a percentage each shift based on sales to the busboys and the bartenders as well.

      1. Back in the day I was a bus boy at one gig and a dishwasher in another one. I never received any kind of tips from the waitstaff in either of those jobs and I was barely making minimum wage (around $4.50 an hour at the time). It sounds like they are now getting a percentage of tips.. which sounds like a pretty good thing.. 

        Once I would like to just leave a tip and say “Give 100% of it to the guys in the back, please.”   Not all the time since I know waiters and waitresses work pretty hard.. but I think it would be cool just for them to know..

        Same with putting my cart away in the right place in a grocery parking lot. I was an “01” at a Kmart back then and man that sucked getting those together in the dead of winter.

        1. OK, I guess I should have clarified: the manager makes you calculate a certain percentage of your sales for the shift and hand it over in cash.  If it doesn’t get to the busboys and bartenders, that’s on the management.  This was true for every place I worked at as waitstaff.  Could be regional, though.

  24. So essentially, he PLANNED not to pay what is due the business/server for lunch. Call the cops. Gratuity isn’t a “nice job honey” it’s the customer paying a portion of the server’s wages. He’s essentially stiffing the business too.

    Even if the police do nothing, it’s worth filing a report on that jackass and getting his name on record.

    Also, the manger/owner/company should let him know he’s not to enter the premises ever again or cops will be called.

    1. To be honest, I find this attitude almost as unsettling as the entire discussion we’re having more generally, as well as the idea that staff can be paid less than minimum wage and tips are supposed to make up the difference. And indeed the “mandatory tip” in the first place.

      – Former barman for some time, UK

      1. Countries are different, but in the US a 15%-20% tip is ironclad custom.  You just don’t do fail to tip.  It isn’t technically illegal to not tip, but you will be violating a very strong cultural norm.  Failing to tip and returning to the same place is a bad idea.  It is like standing up and announcing to your waiter that they are a piece of shit and that you hope they drop dead.

        How it works out for the waiters depends.  Get a crap shift at a cheap place and you walk away with minimum wage.  Get the right shifts at the right location, and a few hours worth of work each week can leave you making far more than minimum wage.  I know a couple of bartenders who work the coveted (and extremely stressful) Friday/Saturday night shifts at certain bars and make more in a few hectic hours than what most people make in a week.

      2. As an occasional American barman, I agree- mostly. It’s relatively stupid that we leave the livelihood of half of the staff at the functional discretion of the customer, and put a price on the menu that’s actually lower than what is needed to run the place, and it’s not terrifically good for people’s psychological welfare to be unable to estimate their buying power (especially if it’s on the low end) from day to day.

        At the higher end, though, it feels more like profit sharing- you get well paid for doing good work when there is work to be done. Of course, we could just actually institute profit sharing schemes and thus take opportunistic dickheads like our note-leaver out of the equation- but then we’d have to blur that sacred line between owners and employees in the lower strata of the economy, and we can’t have that…

    2. I agree with the spirit of your post, but calling the cops…they would would likely think the waiter or manager calling them to be a jackass, and might give a lecture about wasting their time. If they even show.

      Tips & Tipping…whatever one’s opinion…sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. 

      Now the manager and etcetera informing the stiffer not to enter again, that certainly is their right, at least if giving this discretion by the owner. But this is really, really bad for P.R., even if the customer left a note such as this. 

      Showing class and ignoring the shitty tip or boorish behaviour is usually more effective than calling attention. There are other customers watching you know, and you don’t want to give the boor another excuse to blab or write about your establishment, indefinitely.

      Anyway Ramone, I get what you’re saying. I’ve been deliberately stiffed by pricks before, but using more than even subtle body-language to register annoyance can really fuckin’ backfire. 

  25. The asshole probably feel very clever.

    On the other hand, if this is fake. The asshole who made it probably feel very clever

    1. Wait– if this is fake, then we’d need one person to print the card.  Another person to falsely claim to receive it.  And yet a third to post it on the internet. Then we’re talking: conspiracy.  We’re through the looking glass, people!

  26. Why are we still as a culture and by law allowing waitstaff to be paid the way they are?  Why have we decided that one particular type of employment is somehow different than pretty much every other type? No one else I can think of except for exotic dancers,valet parkers, bell boys, delivery people, and wait staff customarily rely on tips as their main source of income.  They have a salary, a wage, or a fee.   If you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay for their labor, you don’t hire them.  If you take the labor without paying, you’ll be facing legal consequences. You don’t go to work for someone and then let them just arbitrarily decided on whatever whim how much they’re going to pay you after you provide the service.  You agree to the money in a pretty binding fashion as soon as you agree to do the work. Why have we decided that that random handful of jobs are okay to just let people take their chances with the generosity of strangers? 

    I worked as a waitress for nearly a decade.  And it was overall, moneywise, a good job.  But it shouldn’t be a crapshoot as to whether you’re going to be paid for your labor or not.  Your pay shouldn’t be up for debate all day every day.  It should be agreed upon with the restaurant you work for or with the customers.  The restaurant could calculate staff costs into the food charge like most businesses do.  The grocery store doesn’t expect you to pay the guy who sweeps the floors or stocks the shelves or rings up your order individually and whatever amount you see fit.  They add it into the mark-up of the groceries and they deal with it in their own budgeting.  The decision is out of the hands of the random customer.  Or we could add the service fee as something non-negotiable.  Either like the labor costs itemized at a mechanic or like a cover charge like at a bar.  If you eat here, you pay x for food plus x for your waiter.  Or if you eat here, every person pays x admission that goes to your waiter.  Or we could make waiters entirely freelance, rather than employees of a specific restaurant.  If you wanted to hire a servant to take care of  you in a restaurant, you hired them individually.  You had a “guy” for that.  And they worked for you, at the rate and kind of treatment you agreed upon together.    They wouldn’t be unable to deny service to tables that they didn’t feel would be worth their effort.  If this guy came back to that same restaurant, the server couldn’t refuse to serve him, couldn’t give him poor service, or she’d lose her job.  Sure, she might not give him the over-the-top fantastic personal service she might give a good tipper, but he’d still end up getting pretty decent service. 

    And we need to put a stop to wait staff paying other employees.  It’s pretty standard in the industry for waiters to pay a percentage of their sales, not their actual tips, but the the total of all of their tables’ bills regardless of what they personally received off those tables, to other employees like bartenders and bussers.  The restaurant should be paying those folks.  Especially when guys like that one pull something like that.  He didn’t leave that waitress with zero pay for her efforts.  He left her with having to pay those other employees she has to pay out of her own pocket and also in many states like mine, having to claim and pay taxes based on his bill even though he didn’t leave anything. 

    Few would imagine trying that with another profession. And even if they did, there’d be real repercussions.  Why on earth have we decided that that there should be, unless you happen to be delivering food or drinks, dancing, or parking cars?   Workers are workers. 

    1. Far more articulate than my comment above. The entire concept is baffling. I say that as someone who worked in bars in Cardiff throughout my time at university.

  27. When I travel, I like to find out what the local tipping culture is. In Australia, I asked a waiter what was customary to tip, so that I wouldn’t be unintentionally rude. The waiter said, “We have something with which you might not be familiar in the United States – we call it a ‘living wage'”.
    They don’t take tips. They get paid to work, and it is up to their management, as it is with every other workplace, to see that they do a good job.

  28. So who, upon reading this, thinks: “gee I totally see your point there where you stiffed me. I’m voting to repeal Obamacare [or…whatever…]”

    As opposed to: “well, if you’re gonna be an asshat about it, I’m voting YOU PAY EVEN MORE OF YOUR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES, ASSHAT.”

    I like to call this sort of thing “anti-arguing” and it has been in top form this past year.

  29. How did that poor millionaire manage to survive before the two tax cuts George W. Bush gave him?!  And I can’t imagine how they made ends meet back before Reagan, those must have been horrible lean times for the very wealthy!

  30.  Personally, I tip, because it’s the social norm, and I understand that waiters don’t get paid much, but I abhor the entire practice.  I shouldn’t have to pay the waiter’s salary. The restaurant owner should do that. Work it into the bill. If the waiter does an exceptionally good job, perhaps he should get more than his salary, but it shouldn’t be something we’re expected to do every time we go out.  And the whole percentage thing is such a joke. The waiter does not deserve more money because I decided to get surf and turf, or prime rib instead of a hamburger. There’s no reason why the waiter work at a generic/cheap chain restaurant should make any less than a waiter at a fancy bistro just because one place charges more for the meal. 

    1. Actually, a waiter at a fancier restaurant should have a more robust skill set than the waiter at the generic/chain restaurant, in order to better handle things such as wine service or any dish requiring table-side prep. 

      That makes some assumptions about the quality of the food at either generalized location, of course. YMMV.

      If we _were_ paying waiters based on their presumptive skill sets, we’d probably see our dinner costs shoot up a fair bit at every dining location… which is fine by me. That would be less ambiguous, would help ensure the waiters could earn something closer to a living wage, and all that.

      In the meanwhile, we still do have a culture of tipping, and to deprive the wait staff the tip portion of their wage based on one’s personal preferences is cruel. It takes one’s anger out on the wrong person. The options for making broad cultural changes are few, but they include changes to the law and refusing to patronize any establishment where tipping is required, either by restaurant mandate (default gratuities added to one’s bill) or by social pressure.

      1. There’s also the aspect that you’re not so much paying to be served, but paying to be served well. I’ve got a lot of family in places where restaurant staff are paid decent wages and have their healthcare etc taken care in some way. In cases where tips are rare or low the service is almost universally awful. So the culture of tipping is not necessarily the issue, its that we expect tipping to take the place of salary. In Cali there’s a minimum hourly for service workers, and most of the people I know there make a decent enough wage especially given the long hours involved. But tipping is still socially expected so service remains very good. In Ireland where again there’s a pretty decent hourly for these jobs but tipping is low/rare, I watched my grandfather nearly get kicked out of a restaurant for asking for two eggs instead of 3 with his breakfast. Cousins visiting the US often find it surprising that acceptable (or even possible) to send back a botched order, or make special requests. 

        1. Possibly. I can’t speak for Ireland, but I have been to a few countries in Europe. In Italy, I went to a couple of restaurants where the price of service was included. My service was fine, and I didn’t encounter any issues. The same can be said for my time spent in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Meanwhile, I’ve gone to restaurants in the U.S. where the service was horrible and they still expected a 20% tip. YMMV.

          I think it’s easy to find anecdotes, but I don’t think that speaks to the general situation. 

          It would be helpful for the discussion if there were more data across the board.

          Thanks for your additional data points!

          1. for whatever it’s worth, when my Dutch friend visited the US, he told me how different it was that you can order a dish however you want, i.e. hold the onions, sauce on the side, substitute swiss for cheddar:  does.  not.  exist.  in.  Holland.

            Here in the US, that could be the norm for *every* order for a party of 25, in addition to any other tables that server is serving.  Getting all that correct, then delivered to you while it’s still hot in under a half-hour?  the stress levels involved are off the charts.  the only reason it happens is because the servers are trying to make sure they get their tip.

            another anecdote.  I personally witnessed–at the height of our dinner pop–a dish that came out of the kitchen incorrectly.  the waiter made no secret of his displeasure to the line cook, openly cursing him.  the line cook’s response was to grab a knife, cross over the line, and challenge the server; to which the server responded by charging the cook–completely unarmed.  the other staff pulled them off of each other while the patrons dined, oblivious, on the other side of the partition.  when he wants a tip, your waiter REALLY cares about your food.

            unless you are active duty military or an EMT, you have no idea the stress levels involved in immediately taking all comers.  add to that making it seem like you’re happy to do it, let alone getting their order right and on time.  at least in the army, you get to shoot the people endlessly coming at you.

            >inb4 “retail”
            >i’ve worked retail; yeah, it sucks for the same reasons, but nowhere near the stress or physical labor, and wage not determined by the whims of the patrons.

    2. You’d think that.  But actual laws reinforce the tipping customs.  

      The big one is that your waiter’s tips are taxable income, but are very hard to track.  So the IRS simply estimates a waiter’s tips by assuming a percentage of food ordered.  So if you order a $80 meal, your waiter is assumed to have collected something like $10 in gratuities, and is taxed accordingly.  If you order an $8 meal, they’re only taxed on $1.  I don’t know the exact percentage used.That’s another reason to tip, even if the service was sub-par.  When you leave nothing, you’re not just failing to give the waiter money.  You’re actually taking money out of his pocket.

    1. But…..he’s bitter.  Maybe he could be soaked in lye for a while to leech out the bitterness.

  31. Maybe next time we don’t blow our money on passive aggressive business cards. It’s got raised lettering for chrissakes, and a subtle off-white coloring. Probably even a watermark.

  32. We need to have a conversation as a society about the fact that that money isn’t his and he was only holding it for accounting purposes. If he doesn’t like it he has a world of choices.

    1. I think it’s a little weird that this guy who’s probably on the libertarian side isn’t paying a fair price for services rendered.  Isn’t stealing money from people selling their labor the opposite of libertarian moral philosophy?*

      *Of course, this is the exoteric doctrine of libertarianism. The esoteric doctrine is “finders keepers.”

  33. 1) Review security footage of patrons and identify this douche

    2) Place printout of his face at the front desk/kitchen

    3) Leave tip in patron’s next meal

    1. 2.a)  Post photo of patron on internet so s/he gets the service s/he’s willing to pay for no matter where s/he attempts to eat out in North America.

      I’m not willing to assume the person who left this card is male.  Not with Ann Coulter and Michele Bachman floating around out there.

    1. If you’re going to troll a thread, it’s best to get there early. After 150 comments, it’s a little late to make a splash. Keep at it though.

  34. Maybe someday we can talk about not giving paid sick leave to food handlers. Who can’t afford to take time off just because they’re contagious. Does anyone actually think this is a good idea?

    1. Having worked in food service I can say that not only do food handlers work sick because they need the money- but most operations are so skeleton-crewed to begin with that management is heavily complicit. Even in places where this is against the law.

    2.  ABSOLUTELY!  Presenteeism is much worse in the restaurant industry than any other industry I’ve ever worked in.  I’ve seen people come to work in conditions that were an absolute public health danger.  I even did it a time or two myself. Even when you’re willing to give up your shift money to stay home and get well, management pressure to work sick is  ridiculous. And the lack of health insurance for so many restaurant workers compounds the problem.  Luckily, the massive focus on hand washing and sanitation keeps the threat to the public at bay, I guess. 

      1. I used to work in a hospital. As the insurance industry began to dictate the terms of health care in the US, budgets started to get very tight. So the hospital responded by harassing employees for taking sick leave.

        What could possibly go wrong?

  35. This thing smacks of a narrative of truthiness which is not based in absolute fact, but at the same time captures the very essence of some form of outrage.

    Like that business owner who publicly threatened to lay-off many of his employees if Obama was re-elected, it does express the completely out-of-touch overreaction to a circumstance that most sane people would just be able to cope with and move on.

    I wonder if folks who would try to coerce or punish others for things beyond their control in this manner have enough intellect to understand that they’re more likely to incite a backlash than anything. I really, really hate to see assholes get their way, if stunts like this start becoming more commonplace and verifiable (the rage is particularly strong with the right wing now, they would cut off their noses to spite their faces), I could see a massive tax hike coming for 1%ers in the not-too-distant future, and the obstructionist Republicans who are in their pockets getting kicked to the curb because taking 1% of the popular vote is generally not enough to get someone elected.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, and in a rational world, this would come to pass.  Unfortunately, the congresscritters most vociferously defending the 1% and their precious, precious 3% tax cut are from “red” states where median incomes are below the national average.  So much cognitive dissonance and so many pipe-dreams of unattainable wealth lie between what should be and what will be.  

      And then there’s gerrymandering…

  36. When I was working food service, this never happened to me (plenty of lousy tips or none at all of course)…. but once I got a small piece of paper that looked like a $20, and was instead a religious tract. Yes, instead of helping me pay rent/car payment/phone/gas, etc, they tried to save my soul.  I’m having a hard time with whether this note by this asshole or the here is a fake $20, now come to Jesus, was more annoying.

    1. A friend of mine, who’s waited tables for about 25 years and makes a good living serving lunch to the same business people every day, has been known to chase someone into the parking lot after they left a dollar tip on a forty dollar meal and say, “Excuse me! Here. You accidentally left something on the table.”

  37. Sorry.. TL;DR all of the comments, but I call shenanigans because it included the honorific “President” which hasn’t been used much at all 4 years.

  38. i hope this is fake and that there isn’t some real a-hole out there doing this.  if there is i hope he falls on hard times, ends up waiting tables, and gets stiffed tips on a regular basis.

  39. I once got “Don’t breathe underwater” written into the tip column on a couple’s check.  Their order came out on time and correctly.  My manners were, as always, impeccable.  This was an average-looking couple, they were not wealthy–this was not class-ism or whatever the subject of this post was doing.

    What do you even say to that?  Personally, I was dumfounded.  The bartender that I showed it to said “I’M KICKING THEIR ASS!” but alas, they had fled the area by then.

    1. Some people really think this kind of thing is funny. I had a person telling me once about a friend of his. His story basically involved “pranks” that this girl played on some poor waitress. He thought it was terribly clever of her. He did not appreciate my failure to appreciate the humor.

      Some people lack compassion, empathy, common sense… whatever you want to call it and honestly think everyone finds their juvenile behavior charming.

      Then again perhaps their “tip” was sincere, learned from personal experience on their part, and they were just trying to pass on the information to prevent others from becoming similarly brain damaged.

  40. “Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fuck with us. ” -Tyler Durden.

    Too far?

  41. An open letter to the wealthy:

    Dear “The 1%”
    You, The 1% get rich selling goods distributed on roads built by us, the 99%, driven in lorries by the 99% and sold in supermarkets by the 99% or in some other way that mirrors this basic process.  The fact is that every single one of the 1% could not have amassed their wealth without help from the impoverished majority at some point in time.  You 1% could not survive without us.  We would survive more easily and happily without you. 
    Owning money does not make any human being intrinsically more worthy than another.  If you are rude to one of the poor people because they are poor, or you cheat them out of money that they have legitimately earned because you begrudge paying forwards your fair share, it does not make you clever, it does not make you powerful.  In fact it demonstrates the opposite. You become nothing more than a parasite.  If however, you have the talent for making money, none of the 99% begrudge you the wealth you amass provided that you pay your share to educate our young, to maintain the roads on which we deliver your goods and to contribute back to the community without whom you could not possibly be financially successful.  If you do this, we all prosper.
    Our patience however grows very very thin.  A new paradigm is coming. 
    One by one, humans have tamed most parasites.  We have learned how they prosper and how they fail.  If the 1% continue to act as parasites, then your days will be numbered, your time will become limited because the 99% will not tolerate your continued existence and you will go the way of small pox.
    We understand that you will never allow us to vote away your fortunes.
    You must understand that unless you mend your ways, one day, we, the 99% will take all your toys away.

    Yours sincerely

    One of the 99% who has seen all the futures

    P.S.  Even if you could build enough weapons to kill all seven billion of the 99%, who would drive the lorries on the pot holed roads so to maintain your fortune?

  42. What I love is that the card leaver obviously think leaving cards like this will work in turning the waiting staff against Obama (if they were even an Obama supporter in the first place). 

  43. What a fucking cock goblin. Perhaps removing the stick from his ass would help with his attitude. I have never gotten into a fight, but I would fuck this guy up.

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