Coastal landslide caught on film


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  1. insert says:

    Working link until Jason fixes it:

  2. V says:

    Imma let you finish, but Gary Rosenquist caught the best landslide of all time.

  3. Imma let you finish V, but these climbers caught the bestest landslide of all time:!

  4. Jim Cromwell says:

    Admittedly that’s QUITE good…!

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Why is there always a squealer? In that video, they knew that it was going to happen, and there was still a squealer. Is there some evolutionary explanation for people who repeatedly whoop at disasters?

      • Rich Keller says:

        Yes, the high pitched vocalizations pinpoint their location for the apex predators of the early savanna. It’s a form of altruism, really.

  5. RedShirt77 says:

    Where does the stone go?

  6. Kenmrph says:

    Funny, I shot a time-lapse at that very spot:

    (sans landslide, however)

  7. artbyjcm says:

    Wish it was video. The pictures are amazing, but I’d love to see exactly how it crumbled.

  8. cellocgw says:

    I really have to wonder what sort of photographer doesn’t have a digital (or even film) camera capable of at least 5 fps shooting?  

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