Darth Vader can't hear very well



    1. I dunno, at first I was “kinda cute,” but by the end I was crying with laughter.  It’s all in the timing.  That and picturing Sebastian Shaw’s face all scrunched up in a querulous old man way inside the helmet.

      Made my day.

  1. This is, in fact, a new theory of Vader’s history. Later in life his disability was misinterpreted as impatience and a lot of people died as a result. It is believed that his lieutenants knew how to set up situations to achieve the required permissions to act without fear of retribution. War is nasty business but federation building brings out the worst in people.

  2. Can’t hear, and someone took James Earl Jones’ balls.

    I’d actually watch that movie. Star Wars, not so much.

    1. I think it would be awesome if all Vader’s dialogue was cut and he was just the heavy breathing strong silent type, and occasionally choked someone to death!

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