Fun magic trick book for kids: Spooky Magic


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  1. Joe Holmes says:

    I remember the book well!

    (Spoiler Alert!)

    I kept the prop legs that were used in that cover trick for many years, most of the time sticking out from under my bed. Priceless!

  2. zeeba says:

    Spooky Magic rocked! I still have it and its companion by the same author, Magic Made Easy. Both featured simple, fairly foolproof effects that kids could easily learn to do and were really quite mystifying to the uninitiated. I preferred the latter, because it focused more on smaller presentations that worked well in one-to-one settings or in small groups. Spooky Magic was more oriented toward larger, stage-type effects that often required the assistance of a confederate, which I always regarded as cheating a bit. But they were definitely two of my favorite SBS acquisitions.

  3. Dana Law says:

    The levitation alone makes this a valuable part of any magic library.  It was the first way I floated a kid, myself.
    Dana Law
    Amazing Dana the Magician

  4. Chuk says:

    I loved this book as a kid, too — never got up to the really big tricks but had several of the smaller ones working.

  5. jimh says:

    I had this too!
    You reminded me instantly of how much I enjoyed the Scholastic books catalog when I was a kid. I would pick out books I wanted and then beg my parents to let me order them. Usually they gave in because, hello – books! Only to then suffer the interminable waiting until book delivery day.

  6. D3 says:

    I also had that book; that brought back a lot of memories. I love to order old books that I had as a kid.  Getting them back into my hands feels like bringing a piece of the past back to life. I once ordered a stack of old Children’s Digests. What a feeling of nostalgia. Great magazine, too.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      ” I love to order old books that I had as a kid.  Getting them back into my hands feels like bringing a piece of the past back to life.”

      This is so true.

  7. When I was a kid we lived for a year in India and I saw them do that floating trick behind the Taj Mahal.

  8. jimkirk says:

    Oh, man, I had both these books as a kid.  Good stuff.  Also, The Runaway Robot, The Thinking Machine, Codes and Ciphers…  Scholastic Books order time was one of my favorite things in second and third grade.

  9. Kat says:

    *snork*  It is now up to $52.50

    The BoingBoing Bounce  :)

  10. harrisonicus says:

    My BRAIN!  I totally remember that book!  And it had been erased from my mind for some reason.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  11. Xploder says:

    I actually HAD that Silverberg book. Can’t say as I remember one damn thing about it except the wonderful (godawful) cover, but I DID have it! Also had all the Tom Corbett books…ah youth…

  12. Ash Kalb says:

    We have a copy of Revolt on Alpha C for sale at  Amazed it hasn’t gone yet. 

  13. Stefan Jones says:

    The Spooky Magic cover looks familiar, but I don’t think I read it.

    Revolt on Alpha C, I didn’t own but certainly read, and in that edition.

    Does anyone else here remember Scholastic school book sales? At our elementary school they’d take over the  cafeteria for an evening, laying out books on tables. My mom would let us pick up a few each year.

  14. Hanglyman says:

    Wow! I guess I had this too. The cover isn’t familiar at all, but looking at the scan of a couple pages inside… seems pretty unmistakeable in style, though not color. Was there another magic book with the same tricks, art and themes? I seem to remember mine being printed entirely in black, white and orange.

  15. JAB says:

    abebooks has them cheap, low as a buck. I got one for my nephew for $3.79, including shipping.

  16. hanoverfiste says:

    I got Spooky Magic in 1st grade during our annual Reading is Fundamental program. I believe all first graders got one book free, or maybe our parents had to send a dollar.  This was like my second magic book and helped launch a hobby that lasted throughout my early 20s.

  17. pennydreadful says:

    I actually found Revolt on Alpha C at an estate sale for $.10 not all that long ago. Picked it up because i thought the cover was cool. glad to see more work from the illustrator

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