Future of Hospitals online forecasting game


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  1. Matthew Heberger says:

    Interesting. What about the 80% of the world’s population that does not have access to hospitals or clinics?

    That’s one reason the book “Where There Is No Doctor” has been translated into 88 languages. We’re having it translated into Bambara for use in Mali, where a humanitarian crisis is rapidly unfolding. http://dokotoro.org/

  2. Cowicide says:

    Fine, but what good are great hospitals if many Americans don’t have access to them?  Here’s the answers to “the game”.

  3. Boundegar says:

    I wonder if there’s a “card” for “Private Equity just bought your hospital and laid off half the nurses.  Good luck!”

  4. cavalrysword says:

    Okay, I WANT one of those.  Probably don’t NEED it, but WANT trumps need 9 times out of 10.  

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