How many social media gurus does it take to...

Seems there are 181,000 social media gurus on twitter. Here began the zombie apocalypse. (via NextDraft)


    1. Eh, Twitter’s a sucker’s game. us really social media guru’s have a solid presence on MySpace. It’s coming back baby! Get ahead of the curve!

        1. I’m pretty sure that you need an ‘SEO Ninja’ for that. Social media gurus are all about, y’know, social, man. It’s important to keep your self-important ‘new economy’ parasites classified.

  1. I’m wondering if we could somehow wire all those gurus in parallel and put them in amniotic pods and use them as a power source.

    1. All that context shows is an average of around 2000 fake accounts/bots per “guru”

      and 98 million other people who only have 1 or 2 old accounts/fake accounts each

  2. When “guru” becomes mis-used to this extent, people start calling themselves yogis.  Then everyone gets confused and sees the Hanna-Barbera logo in their minds eye and the “big movement”, whatever it was, collapses.

  3. People come to gurus — they don’t need to advertise.  It’s akin to calling yourself “classy”.

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