How many social media gurus does it take to...


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  1. jandrese says:

    If you call yourself a social media Guru, I would hope you would be on Twitter.  

  2. Boundegar says:

    I’m wondering if we could somehow wire all those gurus in parallel and put them in amniotic pods and use them as a power source.

  3. sort of reminds me of the joke i saw last week on twitter: “how many SEO consultants does it take to screw SEO sex download teens porn cheap cigarettes viagra…”

  4. Sam says:

    Sure, 181,000… but aren’t there something like 500+ million accounts? 

    Context, people.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      All that context shows is an average of around 2000 fake accounts/bots per “guru”

      and 98 million other people who only have 1 or 2 old accounts/fake accounts each

  5. peregrinus says:

    When “guru” becomes mis-used to this extent, people start calling themselves yogis.  Then everyone gets confused and sees the Hanna-Barbera logo in their minds eye and the “big movement”, whatever it was, collapses.

  6. Souse says:

    People come to gurus — they don’t need to advertise.  It’s akin to calling yourself “classy”.

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