Miami Vice, short documentary about the TV series

I've recently been enjoying old episodes of 1980s classic cop show Miami Vice on Netflix. Miami Vice had quite a remarkable impact on TV drama, from style to soundtrack to cinematography. This short documentary reveals a bit about the thought that went into every shot, and every unconstructed sportcoat.


  1. I liked how Tubbs’ sawed off shotgun would magically appear, and the sound effect was some sort of howitzer.

    The bad guy hideouts were often well known architectural showcases that had been featured in national magazines, so that was interesting.

  2. I’m a long-time worshiper at Mann’s alter.  The other show he produced around the time of Vice – Crime Story – was better, and arguably the granddaddy of The Sopranos and long-form television story telling in general.  Here’s a great scene from Vice, scored by Public Image Ltd’s insanely atmospheric Order of Death:

    1.  “Crime Story” was great and it was a rare series that had a satisfying ending when the unstoppable bad guy got f’ing nuked and there was no refrigerator to save him either!

      1. Correct; that is, until the incredibly retarded second season where it was revealed that Ray Luca and Pauly survived an atomic explosion.  o_0
        Newsflash, NBC:  if you can’t suspend the belief of a twelve-year-old, your premise sucks.

        but yeah, huge fan of both shows, and Mann generally.  Still think the version of “Runaway” in the credits is superior to the original.  That horn section, man.

  3. The best and ONLY good episode I ever watched was one where Frank Zappa starred as a drug dealer. Sigh, stupidly enough, he dealt “weasel dust”. One of the highlights of Zappa’s career I’m quite sure. Glad I still have a clip of it.

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