Noble Nutlings: new game created by ex-Rovio/Angry Birds team

Here's a sneak preview of Noble Nutlings, which will be released tomorrow in the iTunes store in the US (it's currently available in Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and Finland). The game was created by three of the core members of Rovio, makers of Angry Birds. It looks like it's going to be fun.


    1. I so thought “Bad Piggies x Sonic” when I watched the vid!

      Unfortunately, even though I loved games, I didn’t like Sonic; and Bad Piggies is a little under-developed for me.

      But, hooray for the new generation of games – they’ll like it!

    1. I think the source code for this game practically comes with the Box2D API download.

  1. So… Granny Smith meets Bad Piggies…

    Sorry. I have both of those already. Also, NUTLINGS? What the deuce is a Nutling? Is it like a Youngling? Because Anakin slaughtered a bunch of those, and I still don’t know what the heck they are.

  2. I hadn’t heard that they left…. were they let go? Fired? o_O

    Why would they leave when it’s sold out so hard and making millions?

  3. I’ll see all your vibes and raise you with Happy Wheels.

    Wich is a good thing. As long as it’s a good vibe, who cares about from whence it came?

  4. How is this game different from a million other games that are exactly like this, except for marginally different characters?  Why does it get coveted BB coverage?

  5. I think someone has been listening to Tim Minchin :

    (note – NSFW or if you’re catholic without a sense of humour)

  6. I was able to download it today by searching the full name on my iPod. It’s okay, but not as much fun as Angry Birds. Changing wheels types seems to make little difference. It’s more about learning to tilt your device at the right times. The music is a little too hyper and repetitive for me. Still, for a free game it’s nice.

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