Ouya Game Jam starts next week

Game magazine Kill Screen is running a 10-day online game jam for the forthcoming Ouya linux game console, beginning next week. Founder Jamin Warren says they've built a $45,000 prize pool and gathered judges such as Adam Saltsman, of Canabalt fame, The Guild's Felicia Day , and Phil Fish, creator of FEZ. Previously.


    1. Android is linux; but it has a weird libc, a non-X11 graphics system, and a deeply impoverished userland outside of the stuff that runs under dalvik.

      There are apparently working ports of more normal linuxes to Tegra3 platforms ( see this) and I doubt that the Ouya people are overtly locking out alternate firmware; but by default it certainlyk won’t have the utilities you’d expect of a linux system…

  1. Felicia day will be able to help you to make the first 2 levels of your game good, then encourage you to add Wil Wheaton to it, and then subsequent levels will turn to total crap after the author’s entire game is based around you(mostly your ego)and Wil Wheaton. 3 levels later you’ll cancel your game.

        1. No, we caught the joke.  It just wasn’t actually funny.  Your repressed venom overwhelmed your delivery.

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