Racing. Not posing.

Discussing the iconic Porsche 911's history, I was reminded of this video, my favorite commercial of all time.

Some of the best years of my life were spent behind the wheel of a pre-A Speedster.


    1.  The Cayenne is hideous, and uses enough fuel for a fleet of Boxsters and Caymen, but it can be blisteringly fast, and with the right tires (tyres?) it can rally as well as the 959.

  1. They should just refuse to sell them to people who aren’t going to use them properly. 

  2. The irony at work here is that the vast majority of this ad’s target audience will never ever race their vehicle. So the ad, while stating that it’s not for posing, is targeted directly at posers.

    1. Sports cars are generally driven five miles below the speed limit by wizened milquetoasts.

  3. having been in a 356 a few times, and also owned a beetle, i can honestly say the 356 is pretty much a flattened beetle with some more acceleration. 

  4. I used to call Jason’s speedster his expensive karmann ghia

    This was in response to avraamov’s comment

  5.  Yeah, in reality, there are usually 4-7 Porches parked at the Jos. A. Bank here in Orange county, usually driven by the type of guy who honks during rush hour.

  6. Was that a glimpse of the great Roger Penske?  I have an awesome bunch of culled photos that were being pitched at the proofing printer from a history of racing book with a chapter on Penske, who drove a Porsche in his youth.

  7. I used to take my Mercedes 300D out hiking. I drove that thing all over Colorado, up mountains, two-tracks, through mud holes and puddles that were deeper than the bottom of my doors.

    I’d get to the top and the only other vehicles would be 4wd trucks and such. I’d always get some dweeb telling me I shouldn’t be taking that car out like that. That it was ‘too nice’ and a ‘classic’.

    PFFFF! The thing ran great and got me where I wanted to go. That’s the POINT of having a good car, it can do that stuff. I wasn’t about to waste my time polishing the thing at the car wash.

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