Beard illusion


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  1. nvlady says:

    Dude put his torso on backwards this morning. His mullet is going the wrong way, or his GF just isn’t the right height ;)

  2. Chris Shaver says:

    Two illusions: (1) The guy has a beard; (2) He has a front-butt.

  3. Michael A says:

    why half step.. if you’re going to slip your hand under her belt, just go for the gusto & under the waist of her jeans themselves duhhh

  4. Edward says:

    Nice front butt. LOL

  5. Speaking of beard illusion, lookit this. It was Danish poet and radio speaker Keith Thomas Lohses Movember project, and it was taken by his girl friend. Warning, NSFW!

  6. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    So what we have here is an ad agency with no gays in it or gays that are to ironic.
    So we take a dude, and we give him a beard… thats a woman!
    Check please….

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