Beard illusion

NewImage Image uncredited, but please comment if you know its provenance! It's from a clever Garnier Fructis ad campaign by Publicis; more here! (via Reddit)


  1. Dude put his torso on backwards this morning. His mullet is going the wrong way, or his GF just isn’t the right height ;)

  2. why half step.. if you’re going to slip your hand under her belt, just go for the gusto & under the waist of her jeans themselves duhhh

    1. When Robin William did a similar bit using his hairy forearm, I laughed so hard I had to stop the tape — I couldn’t breathe.  Around 1:34… NSFW.

  3. So what we have here is an ad agency with no gays in it or gays that are to ironic.
    So we take a dude, and we give him a beard… thats a woman!
    Check please….

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