Bob Basset steampunk leather mask art-calendar


5 Responses to “Bob Basset steampunk leather mask art-calendar”

  1. Jake0748 says:

    I dunno. I like Steampunk as much as the next person.  But these kind of masks just make me think of S&M and torture (or enhanced interrogation).  – Which I am not in to at all.  They don’t appeal to me.  What am I missing?  

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    Hmmm, Superb, but can it get me through the day?

    The one featured for September, I can imagine the glass fogging up on me in traffic.

    And what if I left my leather and brass soda straw at home?

  3. rob_cornelius says:

    can I create a new word please? Ladies and gentlemen I give you… “steamgimp”

  4. Sam Medina says:

    Now that’s attention to detail!

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