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19 Responses to “Excellent drive-thru "invisible driver" prank, caught on video”

  1. Just_Ok says:


  2. pishabh says:


  3. Michael A says:

    Check out the static-shock one he did as well.. hilarious

    • mkanoap says:

       I thought that one was funny at first, his head flop was hilarious, but when he gets a woman to come out of the place and ask if he’s ok and then repeats the bit while she dials 911…  It stopped being funny.  A car driving itself, a floating cup, those are all amusing because they are people reacting to impossible things.  The scenario of the dude having a seizure or passing out suddenly is too close to plausible and pretty irresponsible.

  4. blueelm says:

    “Am I trippin'”

    Ok that was a good prank. I sooo would have loved to have seen this in person when I was a kid. I would have freaked.

  5. miasm says:

    check. check. check. wait. check.

  6. Timmo Warner says:

    This prank was pretty funny and in good fun, but I find some of his other ones in poor taste. I’m sure others would disagree though.

    • Bubbubsky says:

      I actually couldn’t agree more. This one was funny and isn’t one that’s going to really upset people.

  7. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Instagram dat joint.

  8. jhoosier says:

    I laughed.  Also, after living abroad for a decade, it’s interesting to see how people speak now. I wonder if things have changed, or I’m just not used to it anymore.

    • SamSam says:

      It’s a very big country, and there are very many widely diverse people in it, many of whom speak quite differently from each other.

      I think you find that there were many people who spoke quite differently from whatever you were used to even 30 or 40 years ago.

  9. robcat2075 says:

    Allen Funt is turning green with envy in his grave. If he’s not green already.

  10. Petzl says:

    This guy is fantastic. But I would’ve only kept the clips where the employee sees the empty driver side as he pulls up.  In half of them, the employee only opens the window after the car has already pulled up, and can mentally explain away what s/he sees as “the driver for some reason evacuated the car.”  There’s no (ready) explanation when you actually see an empty car pull up.

  11. dawdler says:

    oh snap

  12. PaulMorel says:

    Looks a bit like viral marketing to me. Why is all his “magic” based in fast food places? Very funny either way.

  13. Luther Blissett says:

    Excellent: 2:47. Quick, someone make a gif of it an post it on 4chan.

  14. Racist comments don’t suddenly become funny if you slather them with enough irony.