Monopoly to lose one of its classic tokens

Hasbro announced it is holding an election to oust one of Monopoly's existing game pieces and replacing it with a new one. The existing pieces are: race car, iron, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble, battleship. The new candidates are: cat, helicopter, diamond ring, guitar,robot.

A limited-run "Golden Token" Monopoly ($17.99) arrives in Target stores exclusively in mid-February, and it will be the last edition to have all of the classic tokens and the only set to have all five of the potential new pieces as well. The first Monopoly game to reflect the new token lineup will be released in late summer.

Token change for 'Monopoly' to replace an iconic piece (Via World's Best Ever)


  1. Who ever picks the thimble?  I personally would love to have a robot wreaking havoc on the puny hotels of my opponents.

    1. I picked the thimble.

      I also usually got defrauded by a former friend who made up rules which I gullibly followed.

      1. It sounds like your friend understood the real life applications of Monopoly: if you have no scruples and can convince others to go along with you your ability to amass wealth is limitless. 

        1.  VERY true.  I once sat witness to a game where someone opted to NOT collect all of another player’s loot if it got them out of the game, since it gave him more money to keep charging rents from the poorest players without taking them completely out of the game.

          Note that this was a tournament where you’d play in groups of 4 for a set period of time, and whoever had the most cash at the end of the period went to the next round.  You could probably game it slightly for regular monopoly though too (squeeze cash out of the poorest longer so you can use it against the 2nd and 3rd richest). 

          Again, real life parallels work well here.  Keep the poor guy in the system, and make it look like you’re doing him a favor, so you make even more money.

          1. I tend to let my friend give me IOU cards (piece of paper with what they owe me written down) so they don’t go bankrupt. Then, if they manage to land on free parking, I get most of their winnings and we continue playing :D

    1. Damn straight.  If they do, they lose at least two players.

      That said… there’s a battleship?

  2. Of course we all know this is just an excuse to give a big marketing push to said “‘Golden Token’ Monopoly ($17.99)”, right?

    I can’t even remember when the battleship came in.  That can go. (The version I am familiar with used the cannon. Too violent, I guess?)

    1. I’d completely forgotten about the cannon!

      I feel sorry for Monopoly these days with the likes of Catan becoming more mainstream – which is really a good thing, as it promotes strategy and trade, rather than greed and arguments – but at the same time it makes me sad that no one will play Monopoly with me…

      1. The only thing that prevents me from doing so is geography. Well, I guess really it’s the expense. I would love to go back to Britain, and a friendly game of Monopoly would be as good a reason as any. But it’s simply not possible because of my present budget.

          1. I wasn’t thinking so much of Monopoly specifically as the simple pleasure of playing a game with another person. Since I also love to travel I’d consider the trip an added bonus.

          2. Then why not travel to a board game convention?  You can do both, in spades, and get to play a variety of other (and better) games as a bonus.

  3. Let’s be honest, thimble is getting replaced by robot. They know it. We know it. The rest is just marketing fluff.

  4.  The dog inevitably ends up being run over by a car driven by someone with a mean streak that lands on the same space anyway. Might as well get ahead of the curve and get rid of the guy for his own safety.

    1. My family used to play a version in which the role of a single, authoritarian banker was abolished. The money was placed in reach of everybody and we would all take on the role of banker as and when required.

      1. Or any other major character besides Bender.  And even the Bender piece is missing his shiny metal ass.

  5. I’m going to wait for the new boardgame where you have to keep coming up with desperate new marketing strategies in a transparent attempt to keep people interested in a tired old game that should have been retired years ago. Hours of fun for all the family!

    1. “The object of Monopoly is to fully explore the sensations of boredom, sorrow and rage. In this sense, EVERYONE’s a winner, as it’ll become clear in the first 30 minutes that you’ve lost, yet the game will grind on for hours and hours after that. It is during this time that you will explore these emotions. It is during this time that you will wonder what you did to deserve this. It is is during this time that you will begin to despise the Brothers Parker.”

      1. Gave you a ‘Liked’.  Both thumbs up!

        Really, I’ve never understood why anyone would want to play Monopoly more than twice.

  6. Don’t all be so sure on the thimble.  It’s the only piece you can comfortably stick up your nose to disgust your opponents while you steal money from the bank.

  7. Why does one of the existing pieces have to go if a new piece is added?  Is the profit margin on the game that tight?

  8. I like the thimble! I think the battleship should go. Battleships have a game of their own anyway ;)  The robot or the cat should be in.

    1. Inorite? Ditch it for the cat. That way the cat and the dog can battle it out for rentier supremacy.

  9. Once up on a time my nephews got in a fight over who got to be the battleship.  The fight ended on my 5 year old nephew swallowing the battleship and having to go to the emergency room for x-rays. In the x-ray you can see the little battleship floating perfectly in his stomach.  So due to that incident I think the battleship should go.  I’m very fond of the iron, the top hat and the shoe, but I guess the wheelbarrow can go, too.  I think they should just add all the new ones and keep the old one.  The robot is pretty kick ass and the cat is adorable.

  10. The current MONOPOLY World Champion used the iron at the 2009 World Championships. You can learn more about it in my film, “Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story,” available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.

  11. My kids found an old book on Monopoly strategy at their grandmother’s house and read it until it fell apart.  The deal-making strategies it recommended were truly Machiavellian.  They *loved* it.  I learned not to accept any deal they offered.  I wish I could find a copy of that book!

    1.  Sure, if they could have write-in votes for pedobear or something.

      Limited to five corporate-approved choices, this is like the M&M vote for favourite colour or the Frankenberry vs. Count Chocola fake rivalry.

  12. On sale for Christmas 2013 “Classic Monopoly” with all original pieces? or maybe 2014.
    And lets face it someone will promote the cat on 4chan and the race to replace will be done.

  13. My random etymology widget just gave me this:

    “exclusive control of a commodity or trade,” 1534, from L. monopolium, from Gk. monopolion “right of exclusive sale,” from mono- (q.v.) polein “to sell,” from PIE base *pel- “to sell, purchase, barter, gain” (cf. Skt. panate “barters, purchases,” Lith. pelnas “gain,” O.C.S. splenu, Rus. polon “prey, booty,” O.N. falr, Du. veil, Ger. feil “for sale, venal”). The popular board game, invented by Charles Darrow, is from 1935. Monopoly money “unreal currency” is attested from 1972, in ref. to the game. Monopolize first recorded 1611; monopolistic is from 1883.

  14. Growing up, I ‘d always insist on playing the dog. It would be evil to destroy my childhood by getting rid of it. DON’T BE EVIL, Hasbro! 

  15. Lose the flat iron….Add the robot…What’s more appropriate for Monopoly than a robot banker after all the robo-signing they were involved in.

        1. FWIW, I entered my second marriage as the only party possessing an iron and the skillset to use it.  And a handsome, hardly-scorched ironing board as well.  But then, my wife came from a famous family of godless Communists, and was the second generation to keep her “maiden” name.

          As it happens, I enjoy my biannual ironing sessions.  As for the game of Monotony, however, I won’t play it anymore.  She and I played on our honeymoon, and I miraculously managed to squeak out a win.  I absolutely refuse to grant a rematch.  She can kick my ass at Bananagrams, Scrabble, poker, Boggle, and pretty much any board or card game in creation, and a spelling bee between us would probably end in a tie after 72 hours or so, but dammit, I believe I’ve won the right to never, ever have to play another goddamned game of Monopoly in my life.

          The rest of the honeymoon was excellent.

          1. My wife stopped playing Monopoly with me because ‘I was a mean player’…Oddly, she continued to play and consistently beat me at backgammon…. Odd huh.

  16. Is it too late to ask Hasbro to add the guillotine?  I’d play again, if I got to be the guillotine.

  17. Iron for robot. That type of iron hasn’t been used for anything but a decorative antique for nearly a century. (I don’t get the thimble hate; I still use one occasionally myself, for mending clothes in spots where the fabric is thick or folded-over (such as a belt loop) and I really have to push the needle in hard.)

  18. I have a deluxe edition of Monopoly from 1988 with a steam locomotive token. That has always been my favorite piece.

  19. I’d like to see the cat, if only because it would accidentally commemorate, in some small way, the time my brother and I played against our cat and lost:

    1. I’m so sorry that your brother is no longer with us.  Also, that Simon is gone as well. 

      (Bonus:  Nicely told!)

  20. Who cares what tokens they use?  It’s Monopoly.  It’s one of the worst games ever created.  Roll and move…roll and move…  It’s 95% luck and 5% screwdrivers in the eye because it just won’t end!

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