Take a survey to help scientists improve indoor air quality

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are studying how the seemingly innocuous things we do in our homes and offices can have big impacts on our health. One of those things is cooking, because the way we cook can affect the air we breathe. Scientists are trying to figure out how to make houses safer, but to do that, they need to understand how people use houses — what we cook in them and how we cook it. You can help by taking this quick, anonymous survey.


  1. I like the idea of this survey and the work it will facilitate, but found it hard to continue after hitting the question “What is the gender of the primary cook?” I skipped this one because: 1. the members of our household share cooking responsibilities fairly equally, 2. members of our household do not all fit squarely into one of these two boxes, and 3. if its actually impossible for me to accurately describe my truth through a survey, I tend to question the validity of the survey and any conclusions made from that survey.

    1. The numerous spelling errors also led me to the conclusion that this survey may not result in any kind of accurate conclusions.

    2. You! It’s people like YOU which always confuddle the way science is impartial, objective and nonjudgmental! You obviously don’t appreciate the our efforts in setting up the difficult website, and you MESS with our statistics! Stop thinking outside of the Jack-in-the-Box box, immediately!

  2. Not being based in an anglophone country currently, I found some of the questions hilarious. Breakfast: did you deep fry it? I wonder why anybody would… but then, obesity.

    dear minority: scnr, wasn’t talking about you. I know, it’s a question of your metabolism. (But in a lot of cases, it isn’t.)

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