Discovery Box: pre-stocked cabinet of curiosity for kids


The World Discovery Box looks to be a fantastic starter wunderkammer for kids (and adults)! The cabinet of curiosity is preloaded with rocks, fossils, shells, bugs in lucite, and other natural and scientific wonders, plus plenty of space to add your own oddities. It's available in three sizes, priced from $75 to $289. What a great idea!


  1. How lovely!

    In 20/20 hindsight, I’m glad that the combined contents of my parents’ and my best friends’ parents basements were a natural version of this.  Mom has a bio degree and had TONS of stuff from her grad school years–mounted slides, stuff in jars, etc–down there.  She also loved fossils and geodes and stuff and we had tons of them in and around the house.  We also had a full set of lab test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, glass tube distillers, and so forth.  Best Friend’s dad was an electrical engineer and an inventor; he had a bunch of old oscilloscopes, radio bits and pieces, motors, gears, belts, fans, wires, etc etc etc.

    Over the years, all this stuff got played with; the lab stuff was used to mix odd crap from the contents of the kitchen/bathroom, we built things that whirred and  smoked and sometimes caught fire, and dug up various backyards looking for our own fossils/stones to polish/bugs to gawk at.

    Whenever we had a “team science project” growing up, we would always buddy up if we could. 

    Good memories. 

  2. Hate to be snarky,  but a lot of that stuff looks like it was  killed for the collector market. A plane ticket to where the actual starfish is happily living costs about as much as this box. And don’t get me started on the dyed agates.

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