Cover for new edition of Orwell's 1984 is brilliant

Love this cover art for the new Penguin edition of 1984.

[Designer David] Pearson says that the design went through numerous iterations "to establish just the right amount of print obliteration. Eventually we settled on printing and debossing, as per the Great Ideas series [Why I Write shown, above], with the difference being that the title and author name were then blocked out using matt black foil. This had the effect of partially flattening the debossed letters, leaving just enough of a dent for the title to be determined – though I can't vouch for it's success on Amazon."
Orwell, covered up (Thanks, Matthew!)


      1. Sorry but I don’t see any bit of relation to SOPA…  If black bars across a visual object is a mockery of SOPA I think your standards are abysmally low.  Yes it is a commentary on censorship (but artistically I find it lacking in creativity while boring and predictable…execution is the only mildly redeeming quality) but I think SOPA is a huge stretch.  I find the internet ‘blackouts’ more creative anyway…sites retained branding while making a statement. 

        1. Like a guy I knew twenty years ago, he hated “sex lies and videotape” because there wasn’t a single exposed tit in the whole movie.

      1. Its because we can’t read tone. He’s actually saying it sexily with a little silent “Meowww!” at the end.

  1. Penguin’s cover art strategy is genius. Almost no designer fees, and gives readers an easy way to show off how clever they are in the café from right across the street.

  2. I think it’s pretty bad. I can hardly make out the writting (I know that’s the point) To me it looks more like a history of penguin publishing.

    1. However, in Zero Dark Thirty’s case, they may just have scribbled over the posters in embarrassment. On a par with Titanic for being a true story you already knew that really didn’t merit a Hollywood version.

  3. I bet we’ll be finding copies of this stinkbomb in various book store discount racks for years to come…

  4. meh… 

    since most, if any, will be purchasing this hard bound version online, i think the effort put into deboss, matte foil, etc., is pretty much lost.  don’t think they gave alot of thought to how it would communicate “on shelf.” (meaning, online in today’s virtual bookstore world)  and seriously, how many iterations did they go through to get this version?  doesn’t seem very “1984,” to me, but what do i know…

    1. But even after they buy it online, they still have it, debossed, matte foil and all…. right? Unless you are saying that most people will be buying it for ereaders, in which case you’re wrong because ebooks are still well under a third of the book market.

  5. This cover is doubleplusgood, but I can’t wait to spend a dark eternity on the moon after absorbing their new design for Brave New World.

  6. The idea is great but execution fails, without other text there’s no clue anything’s been redacted, and if you don’t know about redacting it’s just some black boxes on the cover.

    1. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but you can read the title and author under the black boxes.

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