The Icarus Deception, an inspiring book about making meaningful work, by Seth Godin


4 Responses to “The Icarus Deception, an inspiring book about making meaningful work, by Seth Godin”

  1. Josh Centers says:

    Seth is an inspiration. His last book, Linchpin, changed how I saw myself and my career.

  2. Liz says:

    Whenever I run across happytalk like this, I wonder if the author or reporter ever goes out to talk to someone for whom this does not work out.  Sure follow your dreams but oops it flopped, you lost your house your savings and you can’t support your family anymore because we’re in a recession/depression and now the person can’t find a job.  Successful entrepreneurs or new businesses work hard but also are often beneficiaries of pure luck.  Lots of people fail at it with the same level of effort.  I wonder what did they do to pick up the pieces?

    • Jesse Thorn says:

      Well, Seth talks in the interview about a long period of his career where he couldn’t get anything off the ground. He also talks about developing the ability to see whether your work is actually any good.

      And Aimee talks about a period in her life where she (a professional musician) didn’t create any music because of the pain of her record company disaster.

      As a creative entrepreneur myself, I can assure you that the one way to guarantee that you won’t succeed is to shut yourself down before you start.

  3. Diana Kakkar says:

    Great Video! Just shared with my readers!

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