Can you guess what this historic patent is for?


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  1. Dave Horton says:

    Ohhhh… dirty Maggie Mae…

  2. xzzy says:

    Ribbed for the recipient’s pleasure, I assume?

  3. gorfulator says:

    Kinda looks a bit Kagelmaster-ish

  4. Listener43 says:

    Rectum? Hell, damn near killed him!

  5. Lance Brown says:

    One word:  circumcision.

  6. Joshua Ochs says:

    Hmmm, 1931… is it a stent?
    A: No, no it is not.

  7. mindysan33 says:

    I think it’s for a needle…   [EDIT] I’M SOOO WRONG!!!

  8. nowimnothing says:

    Just hover over the link and stand flabbergasted, also a little confused and scared.

  9. mikei says:

    “Darn it!  I’m tired of having a weak rectum!  Charles Atlas says he can give me a sphincter of steel!  I’ll gamble a stamp and get his free book.”

  10. CrackWilding says:

    Looks like one of those grip-strengtheners. Or a capo.

  11. oasisob1 says:

    I’m guessing early model trans-vaginal ultrasound probe.

  12. OtherMichael says:

    Try this one weird tip!

  13. ferd says:

    “Paging Dr. Kegel, paging Dr. Kegel.”

  14. Caleb Lawson says:


  15. Ken.C says:

    Thank you for sharing. 

  16. mrsoreto says:

    Rectal exercise?

  17. jkg188 says:

    Oh yeah, uh, I was going to guess that… :^0

  18. Sylvia says:

    My first thought was tampon applicator. Huh. I guess I wasn’t too far off.

  19. dmc10 says:

    While I’m not a doc, my wife is, and there’s something to this. Some women have issues with the ‘integrity’ of their vaginal muscles after giving birth, or due to age, weight, or some other medical conditions, the results of which can range from embarrassing  to discomfort, to serious health complications. Some of the current solutions like the vaginal mesh have caused major problems (you may have seen the ambulance chasers on tv lately). So the idea of strengthening the vaginal muscles through exercise isn’t really that crazy since it’s relatively non-invasive. I know, women sticking that up the vajayjay seems invasive, but I mean relative to surgery or permanent device implantation.

    As far as the anal usage of the device, I’m gonna leave that one alone :)

    • Andrea says:

       I was going to say something similar. I’ve read that quite a few women suffer problems relating to damaged vaginal muscles, but since that isn’t something people feel they can talk about even with a doctor, well…

  20. feetleet says:

    Yeah, I work out. Thanks for noticing.  

  21. dave3 says:

    Looks like one of them whatchamajiggers.

  22. timquinn says:

    It has to be sex, or this wouldn’t be teh internets

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