Mexico: Protesters rally for release of 50 stray dogs blamed for human attacks

"Free the dogs, arrest the criminals!," shouted protesters in Mexico City today—they say the 50-or-so feral dogs captured after five recent human deaths in a local park are innocent. Officials are testing the animals for human DNA, after human bodies including a baby were found with dog bites. Protesters believe humans killed them, and that the dogs may have bitten the corpses after death. Photos at AP.


  1. Nobody has commented on this, cause nobody knows what to say.  And If they’re like me, the don’t dare click on the link to photos either.  

  2. In defense of the authorities, it’s safe to blame dogs. it’s quite dangerous to prosecute narcotraficantes.

    1. Around the mid-seventies, Mexico City (popularly known as DF, or “Distrito Federal”) became a notorious beehive of petty crime.  But during the brutal wave of narco violence of the last decade, DF turned eerily safe and quiet, an eye of a hurricane.  So if this is the work of narcos, it breaks the pattern.

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