"Some future gadgets I'd buy," aka Brian Lam's only post from CES

Former Gizmodo gadget writer and chief editorial whip-cracker Brian Lam has covered many a CES in his time; since leaving Gawker media for ocean adventures and his Wirecutter electronics blog, I think his work has become much more interesting. He revisited CES this year, and produced exactly one post from it, highlighting interesting stuff he says he'd actually buy himself. The "luggage tracker" and HD camera are tugging at my credit card's heartstrings, too.


  1. Yea Brian Lam made Gizmodo what it is today, a gadget website equivalent of a lads’ mags, similar kind of targeted humor and audience. But hey, at least we still have The Verge and Engadget.    

  2. EEG-operated dildos. Karaoke microphones with arduino breathalyzer shields. LED light-show sunglasses. THESE are future gadgets I’d buy.

    Some of these CES ‘best-ofs’ are barely non-obvious. The VR headset, the rugged iphone case, and drumroll….a stereo! Tres inventif! They’re just refined and/or cheaper versions of old hat. I think of CES more like ‘skymall’ now than ‘world of tomorrow.’

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